Eugenie Bouchard Dating: Tennis Pro Offers Brutal Advice Every Man Needs To Hear

Want to be more than a fling? Don't commit this sin.

Eugenie Bouchard Dating: Tennis Pro Offers Brutal Advice Every Man Needs To Hear

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Everyone’s thought about going on a date with a celebrity, but few of us are bold enough to shoot our shot. Even fewer get a response. But even if you do land yourself a date with The Rich & Famous, as tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard just revealed, it’s easy to screw things up.

Enter: Bob Menery, sports commentator and social media star, who managed to land a date with the Canadian tennis player and social media star Bouchard, but completely screwed the pooch by posting about it too much on social media.

Menery, whose vulgarity-laced comedic commentaries of golf and other sporting events has catapulted him to over 2.7m Instagram followers, asked Bouchard out during an Instagram Live chat she was having with popular American sports journalist Allie LaForce.

Bouchard agreed to a date after Menery pledged a $4,000 donation to charity, at LaForce’s suggestion. Their first (virtual) date was live-streamed for Menery’s podcast Zapped, and then the two met in person in Las Vegas.

Things were looking good for Menery, but his incessant self-aggrandizing about his romance with Bouchard backfired spectacularly. On a recent episode of Menery’s podcast, the former world #5 took great pleasure out of telling Menery his constant updates alerted a competitor to her availability, reports.


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we stayed 6 feet apart the entire time, i promise 🤪

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“I went on a date because of you. I just wanted to let you know that your obscene posting may be backfiring,” Bouchard joked.

“Someone who only heard of me because you were posting about me asked me on a date and we went on a date. I’m not giving you any details, I just wanted to let you know.”

“Keep posting… I’m hoping more just flood in.”

Absolutely brutal.

Beyond providing yet more evidence of Bouchard’s impeccable social media (if not on court) performance, this tale holds a lesson everyone can learn from, no matter who you’re dating.

Where Menery and others trip up is not keeping things cool. We’ve written before about how playing ‘hard to get’ can actually have tangible results… And on the flipside; how oversharing and failing to ‘calm your farm’ can sabotage a relationship.

“Oversharing of a relationship may suggest insecurity and a need for an audience, attention or acceptance but on the flip side may suggest that they are very secure and have complete indifference to the views of others, are not influenced by the judgment or knowing of others,” Relationships Australia couple’s counsellor Jennifer Douglas told DMARGE exclusively.

So either you come off as desperate and insecure, or you come off as a cocky arsehole who doesn’t care what people think – neither of which are ideal if you’re trying to woo someone successfully.

Fingers crossed the next person Bouchard finds isn’t quite so boastful.

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