Flight Attendant Reveals ‘Evil, Diabolical’ Passenger Behaviour To Avoid At All Costs

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Flight Attendant Reveals ‘Evil, Diabolical’ Passenger Behaviour To Avoid At All Costs

Image: DMARGE/Delicious

A flight attendant has taken to TikTok to share what she considers to be the worst thing a passenger can do while flying. Here’s what not to do at 30,000 ft…

We’ve covered plenty of badly behaved passengers here at DMARGE, from the man who urinated in an Emirates business class cabin to the ‘spoilt brat’ that was spoon-fed by cabin crew. Now, a flight attendant has taken to social media to reveal what she believes to be the single most ‘evil, diabolical’ passenger behaviour that exists…

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A Flight Attendant’s Friendly Advice

American flight attendant ‘Cher’ boasts over 20,000 followers on TikTok, all of whom value her insider tips, tricks and tales when it comes to air travel. Last week, she got her following really riled up by sharing what she considers to be the single worst thing you can do while travelling aboard a commercial plane.

What might surprise you, given the wide array of genuinely repugnant behaviour we’ve all witnessed aboard planes — either first-hand or online — is how seemingly innocuous this action at first appears but, if carried out with little thought or consideration, can have disastrous consequences for your fellow passengers.

The flight attendant in question, who goes by @cherdallas on TikTok, shared the tip with her following. Image: TikTok

While you can click the link above should you want to watch her describe the aforementioned behaviour at length, we can summarise it pithily as follows: don’t put a full water bottle (or any liquid, ideally) in the overhead locker.

But Why Shouldn’t You?

Basically, it’s liable to spill out and make a hell of a mess, not just of your stuff but also that of your fellow passengers, seeping slowly but surely into their stuff over the duration of your flight. This will make you a very unpopular passenger, as evidenced by the tone of a recent complaint by travel blogger Matthew Klint from Live And Let’s Fly…

“Recently, I rose after takeoff to grab my bag and noticed it was wet. My heart sank… A flight attendant walked by and I told her that the overhead bin was wet. She took a look in the bin and found a backpack with a water bottle whose lid was not fully sealed. The culprit was found. A woman a couple of rows back stood up and grabbed the bag, taking place it under her seat. No apology…”

Matthew Klint, Live And Let’s Fly

The tone of outright disappointment in Klint’s words tells you everything you need to know; while stowing away a water bottle might not seem like an ‘evil, diabolical’ decision on the face of it — especially when you compare it to other recent overhead locker antics like the woman who was snapped hiding in one, see below — it can have a massive impact on your fellow flyers and their (often expensive) possessions.

A woman lying inside an overhead locker on an airplane.
This image went viral earlier in the month after a woman was spotted lying in an overhead bin. Image: NY Post

Sticky Situations

We have two things to add before wrapping up. First, a polite but important reminder that if you are going to take water aboard a plane, you won’t be able to bring it to the airport with you; security will nab it. You’ll have to purchase the water or fill up a reusable bottle once through.

A water bottle being pulled out of luggage by a TSA agent.
A polite reminder that you can’t bring liquids through security; this applies to water purchased or acquired once you’re through to the other side. Image: Minute Media

That’s one kind of sticky situation to avoid. Another is this one, as described by a commenter on Klint’s post whose fellow flyers didn’t have to endure a leaky water bottle, but a leaky jar of honey…

“I was once on a flight and noticed some movement at the back of the plane with FAs and passengers moving around. When we landed and were loaded on a bus, I noticed several passengers with their hair wet and gluey. I asked one of them what happened and they shared that a passenger had a pot of honey in the overhead bin and that leaked down and got into their hair.”


The moral of these stories is this: sometimes the most inconsiderate and upsetting behaviours can come from the most seemingly innocent of places. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay hydrated but do keep others front of mind, lest they (and their wet hair) turn on you…