Australian Airline Ditches Traditional Flight Attendant Uniforms For ‘Woke’ Alternative

Goodbye pantyhose and heels...

Australian Airline Ditches Traditional Flight Attendant Uniforms For ‘Woke’ Alternative

Image Credit: Bonza

When you think ‘flight attendant’ what comes to mind? Let‘s be honest, it’s a good-looking woman in a slim-fit skirt and blazer combo with a hat perched upon an elegant hairdo, a scarf tied deftly around her neck and red lipstick painted on her lips, isn’t it?

But long gone are the days of this stereotype. Many airlines have changed their uniforms and policies to better reflect modern times; for instance, Virgin Airlines no longer requires its flight attendants to cover up their tattoos.

However, up-and-coming Australian low-cost airline Bonza is completely smashing through the flight attendant glass ceiling and is taking things to a new level.

They have just launched their flight attendant uniform range which is comprised of super casual, comfortable and modern white tees, black pants, tailored shorts, white sneakers and many other awesome options.

Bonza flight attendants will have the option to wear white t-shirts and sneakers. Image Credit: Bonza

Carly Povey, Chief Commercial Officer at Bonza, said she’s extremely proud of the contemporary uniform.

“Our brief was clear. Create a uniform that Bonza [flight attendants] will wear with pride. We know airline uniforms are the land that time forgot and we wanted to change that with our partners at Total Image Group.”

Carly Povey, Chief Commercial Officer at Bonza

She also revealed that Bonza – unlike other airlines – will not have a ‘grooming guide’ for flight attendants to follow.

“We won’t dictate what lipstick to wear, or whether you have to wear lipstick at all. We won’t ask crew to cover up their tattoos and just because you’re female, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a skirt. If you’re non-binary, pregnant, work in the office or onboard, we have options for you. Bonza is for the many, not the few…”

Bonza’s head office is located in the Sunshine Coast and plans to commence operations in 2022 with a focus on cheap domestic and regional flights.

Flight attendants can choose to wear whatever they like from the Bonza uniform range. Image Credit: Bonza

Total Image Group Head Designer and CEO, Pamela Jabbour said the airline’s uniforms are a reflection of Bonza itself; it’s an airline that’s going to shake up traditional airline norms.

“My goal was for the uniforms to reflect the excitement and optimism that Bonza brings to Aussie travellers. They’re ditching the rule book in every way and the uniforms are no exception.

Instead of pantyhose, polyester shirts, black high heels and traditional embroidery, we have created a uniform that reflects current trends and that [flight attendants] will wear with pride.”

Pamela Jabbour, Total Image Group Head Designer and CEO

It’s about time flight attendants get to fly in comfy clothing like the rest of us.

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