Flight Attendants Reveal The Secret Reason They’re Checking Out Your Physique

They've got your back... and your bulging biceps.

Flight Attendants Reveal The Secret Reason They’re Checking Out Your Physique

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A flight attendant has admitted that she always takes a look at the bulging biceps of her precious passengers… but not for the salacious reasons you might think.

Travel is always beset with unexpected obstacles — from a man urinating all over business class to a disgusting sock-stuffed seat, from a woman being publicly weighed in the airport to a hostess being beaten with an in-flight phone — the last thing you might want is an unsolicited checking-out as you try to safely settle into your seat. Alas, a flight attendant has just revealed that she and her colleagues are always taking a peek at your physique, but not for the reason you might expect.

While some of you might welcome a little bodily attention from cabin crew, their minds are a long way from the gutter in which yours clearly resides… A crucial aspect of their job is closely observing various aspects of the boarding process, making quick observations that can make a significant difference during the flight, especially in regard to the safety of their passengers. Proving that there’s far more to the job than donning a life jacket and serving drinks, cabin crew are trying to identify things that could help or hinder them during an unlikely emergency.

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One of the first things that flight attendants take note of is passengers’ physical fitness, according to Reader’s Digest. Why? Because safety is their top priority, and so they carefully asses which passengers have the physical prowess to potentially assist them in moving less physically able passengers — as well as any essential items, in which your precious AirPods are not included — off the plane in an emergency situation, Flight attendant Dominique explains:

“I look for customers I believe can assist me in the event of an emergency. So I pay attention to physical build. Or if someone tells me they can be of any type of help in an emergency situation, I’ll make a note of where they are seated.”

Dominique, Flight Attendent

But their eagle eyes don’t stop roaming there — there’s a whole heap of other things they try to keep an eye out for: one of the more obvious of these are people with specific skills or professions, of which doctors are the classic example. If you happen to be a medical professional, letting the flight attendant know during boarding is a gallant gesture that they’ll not only appreciate enormously but potentially reward you for via generous drink pourings as this knowledge can save the crew precious time should a passenger’s health suddenly decline mid-air.

Another important thing they keep an eye out for is people’s moods, as this can offer invaluable insight into how much and what kind of attention people might need during the flight; attendants are all too aware that every passenger is unique and comes with different kinds of baggage — we don’t mean the luggage kind — and that sizing up how someone’s feeling is a great way to get them what they need. More importantly, if anyone’s acting a little suspiciously, this also gives them valuable time pre-take-off to scope out the situation.

The 1980 comedy classic Airplane is a perfect example of what can happen if there isn’t a competent doctor aboard. Image: Paramount

In addition to all of these, cabin crew are also trained to keep an eye on carry-on luggage — should it be oddly shaped, oversized, or look a little too much like an explosive — the kinds of clothes people are wearing — the lady in seven-inch heels may need extra assistance in an emergency landing — as well as people’s health, intoxication levels, and even their pets, as all of these give them a steer as to what people might need during their journey.

So next time you step on a plane, remember that while the flight attendant may give you a quick glance, it’s all in the name of safety, not scandal. After all, they’re just trying to ensure a smooth flight, because when it comes to your well-being at 30,000 feet, they’ve got your back… and your bulging biceps.