First Date Questions: The Ones You Need To Remember

"So, how would you -- hypothetically -- go about seducing someone you're on a date with?"

First Date Questions: The Ones You Need To Remember

No first date is exactly the same, but they all tend to suffer similar problems: nerves, avoided kisses and stock standard conversation starters. Even worse? When you try to diverge from the, “So, what do you do?” script you tend to go too far in the opposite direction and ask something horrific (or plain bizarre).

“Do you eat chicken edamame salad often?”.

Suffice to say, whether you have more suitors than DiCaprio or you are tottering into the dating ring for the first time in years, we can all do with a refresher on how to how to walk the line between boring and insane.

Judging by the frequency with which the question, “What are the best first date conversation starters for awkward people,” appears on Reddit, it appears a lot of men have the same question.

Whack on top of that the oodles of ink the chicas over at Cosmo and Elite Daily have spilled on the topic and it appears “first date conversation starters” is not so much ‘trite’ as ‘misunderstood’ (and in need of a revamp).

So, if you are looking for inspiration; look no further. Here are five unique first date conversation starters that will give your date a chance to show whether or not they are really into you.

What’s The Worst Pickup Line You’ve Ever Used?

Along with, “How would you *hypothetically* go about seducing a guy you’re on a date with,” (to be used only if you’re feeling ~vibes~) this is an easy way to make conversation and give them the perfect opening to flirt back. Plus, it will help you stand out from the crowd, as “what’s the worst pick up line anyone has ever used on you” is one of the most over-asked questions ever.

What Do You Secretly Binge On Youtube When No-One Is Around?

Forget the endlessly trotted out, “What are you watching on Netflix at the moment,” and go straight for the guilty pleasure jugular. Who knows: maybe you’ll both have the same taste in cat videos and conspiracy theory documentaries? If not, you can always laugh about it.

What’s Something I Wouldn’t Guess About You?

This is the closest thing to a stock standard question in here — but is still worth remembering as it gives them another great chance to hint they are into you (and respond with something flirtatious of their own). Although — of course — if you’re not feeling the chemistry sing then you might want to dial back your questions accordingly.

What’s The Most Annoying Thing About Tinder?

Want to make it “you two against the world.” Ask this question conspiratorially and you’re up and away.

If You Won The Lottery — & Weren’t Allowed To Give Any To Charity — What Would You Do With The Money?

This is a great, age old question. But without the proviso that you have to be selfish with it, it often falls flat as the respondee feels pressured to give cliche answers like, “Give it to charity” or, “Invest in an NGO.” However, if you specify this is off the cards you will gain more of an insight into their dirtiest, sexiest capitalist fantasies…

Do You Think Instagram Influencers Work Hard & Deserve Their Money?

Is your date a contrarian? Sympathetic? A sceptic? Only this question will tell.

How Long Do You Think That Couple Over There Have Been Going Out?

Feeling the burn and need to divert the conversation away from the two of your innermost desires? This is a great way to kick off a healthy bout of people watching.

Who Is Your Favourite Disney Villain?

Forget the heroes — this will tell you what your date truly values.

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