Ford XT GT Barn Find In Sydney

It's not hard to see why this rare muscle car is going to be worth a packet.

Ford XT GT Barn Find In Sydney

What possesses someone to buy a top-of-the-line muscle car and then leave it wasting away in a shed, up on blocks, for 36 years? Utter madness.

Well, we’re glad this family’s done just that, as it means that in 2021, we’re blessed with this beautifully preserved piece of Australian motoring history.

This 1971 Ford XY Falcon GT, which is about to go under the hammer with Lloyd’s Auctions this weekend, is easily one of the best barn finds in recent memory (which is really saying something, as we’ve had some crackers recently).

Resplendent in its ‘Yellow Ochre’ paint job and nursing a big, fat 351 Cleveland V8 under the hood, we reckon this car will break auction records. Check it out below.

The car is largely in original condition, with just under 161,000 original km’s on the clock. The main detail worth noting is that it started life with black interior and it is believed that sometime in 1972 it received a white makeover – thankfully, the interior update was done to a high standard.

Otherwise, it’s mostly rust and grime-free – it’s mostly just dusty. Theare’s a few dents here and there, but blink and you’ll miss ’em. It’s really hard to overstate just how good condition this old Falcon is.

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That’s why we think it’ll fetch a pretty penny. There’s another Yellow Ochre XY GT on Carsales with an asking price of $290,000: that one might have been cleaned up and restored, but it’s an automatic – this barn find’s a manual. We can definitely see it going for over $300,000, if not more.

As of publishing, the highest bid is sitting at $165,000 with just under three days left to go. Check our this rollin’ gold at Lloyd’s Auctions website here.

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