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14 Best French Menswear Brands

Get ready to say ooh la la...


Famed for their vintage reds, three-star Michelin restaurants, and complete disregard for common courtesy, the French have more than one way to leave an impression. And it’s not just their chefs and sommeliers that drive our desire for all things Français, their men’s fashion houses are more than capable of tickling our taste buds too. This is why French clothing is one to watch.

French fashion in general is for those with an eye for traditional design. It’s full of classy, stylish, understated pieces and shies away from bold stand out colours. Even the major players like Saint Laurent, Dior or Husbands never get too flashy, although things are slowly starting to change.

Whereas in the past the old heads have dominated the market in France, there are signs of a changing of the guard with brands like Jacquemus and Officine Generale coming to the fore – suggesting French clothing brands are starting to look outside their own borders for inspiration – meaning exciting times ahead!

If you don’t already own a few Parisian-style numbers in your wardrobe, or you’re new to the world of haute couture and some of the most well-established labels in menswear, then you’re in the right place. French fashion remains a celebrated gem for men of all ages, and it’s for this reason we have decided to share with you our favourite French brands – to add a bit of chic to ya week!

French Clothing Brands FAQ

Are berets still in style?

A beret is a flat-crowned hat traditionally worn by the French as part of their military uniform in the 19th century. Thanks to high-fashion establishments like Prada and Louis Vuitton, it has become popular again, though admittedly, not many can pull it off.

How to wear a moto jacket?

With moto or biker jackets, go for a neat and relaxed look. Combine it with ripped jeans and canvas sneakers, or black chinos and suede Chelsea boots.

What is the difference between a satchel and a messenger bag?

They are worn differently. A messenger bag is designed to be worn against the lower back, with a cross-body strap that is shorter than a satchel’s. Satchels can be worn diagonally across the body or on the shoulder riding on the hip.