Girls In Skimpy Bikinis Flock To Australian Beaches Amidst G-String Ban Debate

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Girls In Skimpy Bikinis Flock To Australian Beaches Amidst G-String Ban Debate

Image: NAC

In a day that’s almost as exciting for journalism as when wet, skin-tight jerseys put women’s football in jeopardy, a debate about banning G-string bikinis in Australia has resulted in a cheeky protest. Following hot on the heels of Italy’s localised bikini bans in 2022, the issue has become a hot topic down under.

The wave of protests sweeping across the shores of the Gold Coast comes as locals don their skimpy swimsuits not for a leisurely dip but, as The Daily Mail reports, to defend their right to wear them. Following an open letter written by community worker Ian Grace who wants to ban the clothing item, the topic has become a fierce debate about personal freedom.

Image: Gold Coast Bulletin

Published in the local newspaper, Grace’s letter expressed his somewhat inexplicable discomfort with the prevalence of G-string bikinis, inciting a predictable backlash from residents. A mass demonstration quickly took shape, with scantily-clad protesters converging on Broadbeach to assert their rights…

Organizer Rebecca Pask led the charge, emphasizing that policing swimwear was not the solution, instead choosing to stress the importance of educating kids about societal norms from inside the family unit:

“A bikini blanket ban was never going to be the solution. Never. Not on the Gold Coast…”

Rebecca Pask

Other prominent figures have given their two cents, with radio presenter Bianca Dye and influencers Rhiannon O’Loughlin and Brooke Michelle Woods joining the rally, doubling down on the widely backed messages around body autonomy and self-expression.

Image: Gold Coast Bulletin

Grace’s prehistoric critique of G-string bikinis as demeaning and objectifying to women rightly and rapidly drew sharp criticism. As he called for their prohibition — arguing that they are as “provocative” as bare breasts — his plea found little pubic support.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate swiftly dismissed Grace’s proposal, affirming the city’s commitment to personal freedoms and rejecting any notion of a bikini ban. Tate’s stance underscored the Gold Coast’s reputation as a vibrant and diverse community that actively embraces all kinds of individual expression and inclusivity.

Image: Gold Coast Bulletin

As the debate raged on, the Gold Coast roundly reaffirmed its identity as a safe haven for beachgoers of all persuasions, using the demonstration as a pertinent reminder that while opinions may differ, the spirit of freedom and acceptance prevails on its sun-kissed shores.

Where do you stand on the bikini battle? Should women and men alike be allowed to bare as much as they reasonably please? Or are you of the more archaic persuasion? Let us know.