‘Game of Thrones’ Business Class Seats Passengers Will Kill For

"A Lannister always flys business class."

‘Game of Thrones’ Business Class Seats Passengers Will Kill For

Sister airlines SWISS and Lufthansa have both announced glamorous new cabin overhauls for their first, business, and premium economy cabins that will be hitting the skies in 2025. Central to these are their game-changing ‘throne’ seats which we think could inspire some Red Wedding-style seat theft…

Lufthansa and SWISS are amongst some of the most underrated airlines on earth and, with this long-overdue overhaul to their cabins and seating in first, business, and premium economy, that statement is set to be truer than ever.

Adopting the same hardware as sister carrier Lufthansa, SWISS most recently announced the comprehensive overhaul to its long-haul fleet, set to roll out in 2025.

Alongside changes to seating options, the airlines have also unveiled its new ‘Senses’ air travel experience, designed to encourage deep sleep and allow for a much more personally customisable flight experience, much like Qantas’ latest ‘Project Sunrise’ designs.

SWISS CEO Dieter Vranckx has called the overhaul “the most comprehensive cabin renewal in the history of [the] company”, helped along by design studio Priestmangoode.

An array of seating options have been opened up to Business Class customers, the most eye-catching of all being the new “throne” style seating in the centre of the cabin.

The SWISS variant of the “throne seat”. Image: SWISS

Starring a seat in the dead centre of the cabin that’s flanked on either side by masses of personal space, the thrones offer plenty of table space for work or entertainment, as well as a built-in ultra high-def 13″ screen – if all that legroom didn’t already make a cattle class flyer envious.

The throne seats also have a claret red finish that the airline believes will “convey a particular sense of comfort and calm”. We think they’re more likely to perfectly camouflage the blood of any fellow passengers unfortunate enough to stand between you and your throne…

Rumoured to be significantly more expensive than the other Business Class seats available, the thrones are only dotted amongst a range of other options.

If this still isn’t kingly enough for you, the airlines have also announced upgrades to their First Class suites. Travellers will be offered total privacy via sliding doors, as well as a large personal wardrobe, spacious table, seat heating and cooling technology, plus a wireless charging station and multimedia screen that covers the suite wall-to-wall.

new first class seat SWISS
POV: You’re flying SWISS First in 2025. Image: SWISS

Suites also come with a newly redesigned and significantly more spacious washroom, designed with a jet-black exterior and gentle green interior said to be inspired by the famous spring in Vals in Canton Graubünden.

These new interiors are set to be installed in 2025, first on the SWISS Airbus A330-300 fleet and later on their Boeing 777-300ERs. New Airbus A350-900s will be delivered with their new cabins pre-installed.

Until then, sharpen your swords and string your bows – winter is coming, and there’s only one seat worth having if you’re looking to get away…