Gianluca Vacchi Is Single-Handedly Reviving This Forgotten Menswear Staple

Make flannel great again.

Gianluca Vacchi Is Single-Handedly Reviving This Forgotten Menswear Staple

Let’s get one thing straight first. Flannel isn’t necessarily that checked shirt that dad used to rock on the weekends.

The flannel term itself refers to a soft woven fabric which originated from the early 18th century before it was embraced by iconic grunge bands during the 1990s. Their flannel of choice? Plaid patterned flannel. Hence when most mention flannel these days, the first thing that comes to mind is often the most popular form of flannel in the plaid shirt.

But enough of the history lesson. Whilst flannel pretty much conquered the menswear scene during the 90s and early 2000s, it’s been a bit of a forgotten art in the past decade with men opting for more contemporary fabrics and styles over the tried and tested plaid flannel shirt.

That hasn’t been the case for men like Gianluca Vacchi. The social media star and old-guy-you-wish-you’d-grow-into has recently been seen championing the red plaid flannel and manages to do a pretty damn fine job of it too.

From hanging with the family to turning it into a skirt (we hope as a joke) to taking it on transit, there’s no where Vacchi goes without his black and red checked flannel shirt. And given this fact, it’s safe to say that the flannel shirt is definitely on the resurgence again.

Keen to join the flannel party? We spoke to Sydney stylist Jeff Lack about the rules of men wearing flannel in 2017 and here’s the pointers he gave us.

  • Do wear it with chinos
  • Do wear it with denim
  • Don’t wear it with shorts
  • Don’t wear it with suits
  • Plaid flannel will never go out of fashion and your significant other will wear it when you don’t
  • Go for good quality flannel as they wash and wear better
  • Don’t get cheap ones with polyester mixed as they retain heat and don’t feel as nice on the skin

And with that we present to you Gianluca Vacchi’s flannel renaissance. You can get yours here and here.