Best Melbourne Go-Kart Tracks For High-Speed Thrills

We’re pretty confident when we say that most people who know how to drive a car, like speed. Being thrust back into your seat when you put your foot flat to the floor induces a feeling unlikely many others. Unfortunately, speed limits and law enforcement mean we can’t experience such thrills on public roads. The next best thing then, is to head to a dedicated racing track to have some fun.

But while you could take your own car, if it’s not tuned to be thrown around a track, or you’re too worried about crashing it, you can turn your hand (or feet as it were) to go-karts. The lightweight karts are just as fun and, if anything can be even more adrenaline-inducing due to them being so close to the ground and with a power to weight ratio that trumps most road-going vehicles.

It’s a good job, then, that Melbourne is home to a fair number of go-karting tracks where you can experience first hand just how crazy go-karts can be. Some can be found close to the CBD while some others require a short drive, but all of the best go-kart tracks in Melbourne will guarantee a memorable experience.

Auscarts Racing

Auscarts Racing is a light-fuelled go-karting experience just minutes from Melbourne CBD in Port Melbourne. The fleet of go-karts comprises Sodikart GT-5 models, which can reach speeds of 55km/h, not the fastest karts around sure, but considering the 450m track is indoors and you’ll be racing wheel-to-wheel, they’ll be plenty fast enough.

Racing sessions can be from 15-minutes through to 45-minutes, giving you up to 80 laps of on-track action. Naturally, corporate events and parties are no issue for the Auscarts Racing team either, making it the perfect innercity location for some fun yet competitive racing.

Address: 50 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne, 3207
Phone: 03 9646

234 Fun Galore Go-Karts

234 Fun Galore lays claim to having two go-kart tracks at its facility in Braybrook. The main track is 400m long and its layout has been through an extensive test and adjustment process to find the perfect balance of corners, straight and pure racing thrills. The second track is a drifting track and was the very first in Victoria. It’s made up of three hairpin bends that skilled drivers can drift around for smile-inducing fun.

Address: 234 Ballarat Road, Braybrook, 3019
Phone: 03 9317 8222

Ace Karts

Ace Karts is an outdoor venue that can host racing action when the sun goes down thanks to floodlighting. There are constant flowing bends making up the 700m track, but a 105m straight will be where you’ll want to make your overtaking moves (or extend you lead, should that be the case). Ace Karts’ fleet of vehicles are capable of reaching speeds up to 75km/h and with virtually every type of party catered for, including Bucks Parties with BYO alcohol, it’s a perfect destination for Melburnian summers.

Address: 20 Carrington Drive, Albion, 3020
Phone: 1300 011 560

Le Mans Entertainment

Another outdoors track, Le Mans Entertainment is 650m in length and can host up to 23 racers at a time so you can get as close to real-life ‘proper’ racing as possible. Le Mans Entertainment runs a number of different track configurations and can host various styles of parties and events such an ‘Enduro’, which sees several two-person teams completing 15 laps of qualifying before racing for 90 minutes.

Address: 55 Waterview Close, Dandenong South, 3175
Phone: 03 8787 8741

Karting Madness

Karting Madness claims to be the owner of the largest indoor karting track in the whole of Australia, and at 600m, we’re inclined to believe them. Live track timings can be seen whilst you’re driving around, letting you know how far or behind the rest of the group you are, so you can make those little adjustments through corners to improve your lap. Not only does Karting Madness run arrive and drive sessions, but they’ll host whatever event you can think of and even hold racing leagues and endurance events throughout each calendar month.

Address: 9/841 Moutain Highway, Bayswater, 3153
Phone: 03 9720 8284

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