Golf Shirts 2022: 25 Best Golf Shirts To Wick Your Sweat In Style

Golf looks better when you're wearing the best shirts on the web.

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Looking the part takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the game of golf. There’s always been an unwritten code of style and when you step on the course, that singlet you wear around the house just won’t cut it. Now more than ever, what you wear on the course has become almost as important as the club you choose, and players of all levels are realising that the performance of their shirts play a factor in their performance as well.

The emergence of the golf shirt as we know it now, came about when the game was starting to loosen up a bit and allow more casual clothing to be worn, even during competitions.

In comes the polo shirt, a staple of tennis for many years before it was ever seen on the green, and evolved to fit golfers and adjust to the range of movements that were specific to their game.

What To Look For In A Quality Golfing Shirt

These shirts became stretchier, meaning the sleeves wouldn’t ride up while taking a swing, and because golfers are sometimes out there for hours if they are playing a full round, they needed a shirt that was breathable as well.

All modern golf shirts come with some form of ventilation, whether it’s perforated panels or lightweight fabrics, they are built to endure the pressure of high performance so you are feeling as fresh as when you stepped up to the first tee, all the time.

Brands like Under Armour and Puma are using cutting-edge science to weave technology into their fabrics to keep you safe in the sun and keep you dry at the same time.

Sportswear companies like Peak Performance bring their extensive knowledge from other sports to create high-performing and adaptive shirts, and others such as Adidas and Ralph Lauren bring a style that is modern but without sacrificing on the classic styles of old.

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