‘F1 Car’ Spotted Sending It On Major European Motorway

Lights out and away we go!

‘F1 Car’ Spotted Sending It On Major European Motorway

Every revhead dreams about driving a race car on normal roads, but one crazy bastard in the Czech Republic has been spotted doing just that.

A mystery driver surprised commuters on the D4 motorway southwest of Prague yesterday morning by driving what appeared to be Ferrari-liveried Formula 1 car on the road alongside normal traffic.

The car actually appears to be an ex-GP2 Dallara GP2/08 car – not a proper F1 car but still very impressive – and the livery has a weird mish-mash of sponsors and Ferrari badges.

Of course, this is incredibly illegal. But we love it.

WATCH this race car’s wild motorway drive below.

The GP2 Series, which ran from 2005 to 2016 (when it was rebranded as Formula 2), was a single-make ‘feeder series’ for F1. As Road & Track explains, GP2 ran just three years with the GP2/08, which means there’s a bunch of just-below-F1-caliber machines out there for collectors. It’s powered by a 4.0L V8 that makes around 460kW… So it sounds pretty amazing.

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Czech police are reportedly trying to track down the driver, but are struggling to identify them – turns out a race helmet and overalls are a rather great disguise.

This isn’t the first time this GP2 car has prepared on Czech roads, either. The car and its driver were last spotted enjoying a drive on the very same motorway back in 2019, where the driver also escaped police justice.

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