Group Outdoor Fitness: Grim Photo Reveals The Lengths Australians Are Going To For Exercise

We'll stick to surfing and TimTams for now.

Group Outdoor Fitness: Grim Photo Reveals The Lengths Australians Are Going To For Exercise

How far would you go in the name of shredded abs, bulging biceps and gluttonous glutes?

It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves here at DMARGE during the current climate, and we answered by attempting to set up a home ‘grim gym’. After a few uses, we realised summoning up the motivation to workout on a daily basis was just too damn hard. And TimTams were too readily available.

The same can’t be said for some other fitness fanatics. Particularly in Bondi, citizens are clearly chomping at the bit to get back in the gym to shed their ‘lockdown bellies’. Gyms and fitness studios can’t fully reopen just yet – although they’re earmarked for the stage 2 lifting of restrictions – but outdoor boot camps of up to 10 people can take place, and that’s the approach taken by F45 Bondi.

Posting an image on its Instagram page, the popular F45 studio and double world champion across all F45 locations gave us a glimpse into how it is dealing with the current restrictions, by summoning 10 eager gym-goers to put their bodies through an early morning routine at Bondi Beach Pavilion.

Although, judging by the looks on some of the faces in the pictures, they’ve realised they’ve made a huge mistake.

Admittedly, they get to watch the sunrise of the ocean, but for us, it’s a hard pass. We’re not against outdoor workouts, but the location of choice is just a bit “meh”.

We’d either want to work out in a large open space such as on the beach or in a park. Alternatively, we’re happy to wait until we’re back in the safe confines of the gym walls to get our workout on.

Judging by the comments, though, we’re wrong. Several users have pledged their support for the grim-looking outdoor boot camp, correctly claiming the workout warriors are showing “dedication” and “commitment”.

Each to their own. We’re going to enjoy a couple more packs of TimTams before resuming training tomorrow.