Men’s Hair Products: 10 Best Hair Styling Products For Men In 2023

Men’s Hair Products: 10 Best Hair Styling Products For Men In 2023

How does a man, who doesn’t think all that much about his hair, find the best hair products for men? Well, he stops being that kind of man. Your perception of hair care needs to change. It’s no longer just a ‘metrosexual thing’ to care about your locks (and skin for that matter, but that’s a different article).

In a hair product market inundated with different brands, price-points and the hair type-specifics, we’ve recruited the 10 best hair products for men. Depending on your current hairstyle, work one or several of the products into your daily grooming routine. Cause hair creams, gels and lotions aren’t just for prettying up your bathroom shelf, they’re for your hair, Fabio.

Know Thy Hair Type

Not all men’s hair is equal. Before you start product shopping find out your hair type. Team fine? Team curly? These are the main hair characteristics to consider:

  • Density: thick, medium or thin
  • Porosity: the hair’s ability to hold moisture (low, medium or high)
  • Elasticity: the hair’s ability to stretch and not break (low, medium or high)
  • Curl Pattern: straight, wavy, curly or coily

For a true assessment, do so when the hair is dry, clean and void of any hair product that inhibits a true assessment. Now, you’re ready to shop, shower and style away.

The Best Hair Products