Harry Styles Proves You Can Step Out In Gucci For Some Fish & Chips

Harry Styles Proves You Can Step Out In Gucci For Some Fish & Chips

If ever you were going to suit up for a spot of fish and chips at your local, this would be the right way to do it.

Pop musician, actor, screaming board and young fashion icon Harry Styles fronted the latest campaign for Gucci which was shot on location at one of Britain’s most famous fish and chip shops.

The story, according to Gucci, goes like this: “Chippy” – the original English takeaway which first opened in London in 1860, the fish and chip shop is a traditional fixture on many British streets, a place where people gather to buy battered cod, fried chips and mushy peas. Chippies today are often decades old and are routinely brightly lit, with a serving counter, tiled walls and white-and-pastel colour schemes. The chippy is a place where characters are found queueing and chatting, particularly on Friday nights, as they wait for their fish to fry.

And so brings us to the current dapper campaign featuring Styles in Gucci’s latest tailored suits complete with waistcoats and blankets. It’s a contemporary collection which includes Styles rocking overcoats, formal shirts, ties, buttoned-up casual shirts, and moccasins, sandals and sneakers.

To add a bit of quirkiness to the shoot, Styles is seen alongside dogs and a pet chicken – the latter of which is probably fearing for its life. You can find out what happens to chook in the campaign video below.