Age-Old Debate Settled: This Is The Correct Way To Eat A Burger

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Age-Old Debate Settled: This Is The Correct Way To Eat A Burger

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An old Tweet has resurfaced on Instagram and re-ignited an age-old debate: do you eat the burger or the fries first? The Tweet in question claims that you should “always eat the fries first” but a direct reply disagrees.

“Noooo fries, burger, fries, burger, burger, fries, fries, finish the burger and the remainder of the fries.”

The screenshot of the two Tweets was posted by @menshumor on Instagram and people are debating what the correct order is in the comments. One Instagram user is adamant that “you gotta eat the burger first and save the fries for last…” while another argued that “fries first then burger, fries go cold quick asf.”

This Instagram post has re-sparked the debate of whether the burger or fries should be eaten first. Image Credit: @menshumor

We did a little digging and it seems this issue is hotly contested – and not just in the comments section of this Instagram post. A Reddit thread asking people to comment what they think the correct order to consume a burger and fries is, is equally divided.

One Reddit user wrote, “Burger because it’s the main part of the meal. Fries in my mind are like [a] salty dessert,” while another commented, “Fries first; before they get cold and soggy.”

Some Reddit users seem to regularly mix up their burger-fry-eating order; u/lol_theorycrafter wrote, “Some days its burgers, some days its fries. I live a dangerous life.” But then multiple users commented that they put the fries onto the burger in between the patty and the bun, so they eat both burger and fries at the same time.

Although these users who admitted they put fries on their burgers faced many negative responses like “you monster”.

Going through the entire Reddit thread, it seems there’s no general consensus on what should be eaten first; it’s the modern-day ‘chicken or the egg’ conundrum. I think we can all agree though that u/Satans_Secretary certainly lives up to their username with this heinous comment:

“I order the burger by itself and eat that.”

Because a burger, whether you eat it first or not, simply must be accompanied by fries.

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