How to wear hawaiian shirt

Flamboyant is back... so look out.

How to wear hawaiian shirt

Once upon a time we would have scoffed at the idea of wearing flamboyant, over the top floral and printed men’s shirts. But that was then, and here we are…in 2018 and for some reason we’ve accepted that flamboyant is the new black and it’s time to get onboard the bold shirt trend.

How To Pick A Great Shirt

Harry Styles: The serial bold shirt bandit

This part’s the hardest. There’s a big difference between bold print shirts in quality and design, therefore you want to choose carefully.

  1. Stick with pattern colours which are of complimentary colours already in your wardrobe. Mixing a pink shirt with khaki trousers is not going to work. Green, blue, black, red are all colours which are easy to match with trousers and shorts regardless of season
  2. Choose patterns with objects which are interesting and not ‘lame’. Birds, plants are preferable over rocket ships and toilets
  3. Fabric is important – silk is best, followed by wool/cotton. For the cheaper shirts from Zara you’ll be getting polyester which can smell pretty funky after a night on the dance-floor. (learnt that the hard way when I was 18)

“More versatile than you may think. Poolside in shorts, over a t-shirt with your fave jeans or tucked into a pinstriped suit. The bold print shirt is your next best friend.” – Jeff Lack, Stylist

How To Wear The Print Shirt

Smart Casual (With Trousers or jeans)

From runway to workplace

Make no mistake, the printed shirt is not formal suitable. Use it where you take fashion liberties and make a statement without offending the party hosts.

Here are our simple tips for making the bold printed shirt look amazing:

  • Wear with drawstring or pleated trousers – tuck it in or leave out for a most casual look
  • Combine with a plain black or blue suit as a statement piece
  • No belt required – a bold print shirt can be a lot to take in so go belt-less if you can – it’s one less thing to catch the eye
  • Pair with sneakers, oxfords or loafers (in the summer months)
  • Ripped jeans…say no more

Beach Casual (With Shorts)

Keep the shorts simple…

The printed shirt is the perfect beach to bar fashion item in summer. It looks dressy and will ensure you’re arriving in style (and with a collar). Keep the pairings simple, this means plain shorts (blue, black or white), classic sneakers or slip-ons and let the shirt do the talking. Hello darling…

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What To Buy

Printed shirts are not necessarily a case of ‘the more expensive, the better’. You can pick up inexpensive printed shirts from the likes of Zara. Slightly more expensive shirts are available from Calibre or REISS. If you have big bucks you can hit up Gucci or Stella McCartney.

Hawaiian Shirts FAQ


See below for our exclusive selection of the best bold print and Hawaiian style shirts for men.