iPhone X: Hands On First Impressions Of Apple's New Flagship Device

It's enough of a leap from the iPhone 8 to justify its existence, but does it meet expectations?

iPhone X: Hands On First Impressions Of Apple's New Flagship Device

We’ve scooped one of the first iPhone X’s in Australia and had time to test fresh its new features.

We think those of you who have decided to buy the flagship iPhone X won’t be disappointed. It’s enough of a leap from the 8 to ensure the new features will keep you occupied for at least day or two.

So what’s keeping us busy?

Animoji… Is… The… Best!

Fox face animoji is the bomb!

Remember when you were kid and you got that new toy? Animoji is that new toy. I’m a grown man who’s happy to admit he’s spent most of the morning pulling faces, making monkey noises and saying things like ‘helloooooo baby’. The depth of facial movement in the emojis is impressive thanks to FaceID. Expect this simple (and silly) feature to keep you entertained for hours. The Alien emoji is perhaps the best for range of facial expressions. The Poo? Not to much.

FaceID Is Really Easy To Use

Even for ugly blokes like me…

We’re not here to hack the iPhone X or tell you its broken, rather we’ve been impressed with how easy it was to setup. Two rounds of calibration takes about 20 seconds and you’re done. It’s a lot quicker than the previous fingerprint scanning and a lot more secure too. Fingerprint scanning was a 1 / 50,000 chance of being hacked, FaceID is 1 / 1,000,000. We have also found you quickly forget about having to scan your face to open the device, it does so rather seamlessly.

No More Home Button

Bye bye button

Arguably the biggest change in the iPhone X is the removal of the home button. Now in its place is a simple tap and swipe up gesture to access your applications. To scroll though your open applications its swipe up with a pause. Easy. It’s taken about 30 minutes to get accustomed to life without the home button so don’t see this as a big problem rather an evolution which is easy to embrace.

New OLED Screen

Brighter and better screen resolution

The new OLED screen is brighter and has a higher resolution which runs edge to edge of the device. To be honest, we haven’t noticed the edge to edge screen as being a massive change to the user experience. If anything it feels longer.

Selfie Portrait Mode

Selfie time!

The iPhone X has the new self facing camera which you can now use Apple’s Portrait mode to enhance your selfies. Whilst we’re not huge fans of selfies, this feature should keep the instafamousbloggers happy.

Size Isn’t Everything

Lastly the one size fits all approach to the iPhone X will take some getting used to. Yes, the screen is larger but it’s smaller in overall size might weird out 7/8 Plus users. This is the one thing we’re still getting our heads around… but apparently size isn’t everything.

We’re still testing the device so watch this space….