The Curious Case Of Jamie Foxx’s ‘Faux Hermes’ Tracksuit

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The Curious Case Of Jamie Foxx’s ‘Faux Hermes’ Tracksuit

Jamie Foxx might just be the most brilliant man in Hollywood.

Actor, singer/songwriter, comedian, television presenter, record producer, entrepreneur… There are few celebrities as prolific or multi-talented as the 53-year-old Texan, who can’t seem to put a foot wrong. Until today, it seems.

Posting on Instagram to help promote Privé Revaux – a sunglasses brand he co-founded that’s fast become a favourite of celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Jennifer Lopez – Foxx shared a rather inspired outfit: a purple, monogrammed tracksuit under a black, fur-lined parka.

Here’s the kicker: you’d think that an ‘H’ monogram would mean it’s probably a Hermès piece, but Hermès doesn’t make men’s tracksuits. Indeed, we can’t figure out where the tracksuit’s from. So what’s the deal – is it a fake?

If it was fake, he’d hardly be the first celebrity to be caught out wearing counterfeit luxury clothes or accessories. Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber have both been outed for wearing fake Louis Vuitton in the past, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson recently owned up to wearing a fake TAG Heuer watch in his youth.

Chances are it’s not a fake – it’s just not Hermès. We reckon the tracksuit’s probably a bespoke job from Henry Couture, a Paris-based Nigerian tailoring outfit that’s received co-signs from other celebrities like UK rapper Stormzy and South African TV personality Kat Sinivasan. With prices for their tracksuits in the 800 USD range, Henry Couture might not be Hermès but it’s distinctly luxurious.

So settle down, style fans – Jamie Foxx isn’t rocking anything fu-fu.

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Foxx’s most recent leading role as the voice of Joe Gardner in the Disney/Pixar animation Soul has been widely lauded. Released on Christmas Day and only on Disney’s new streaming service, the 2020 film has broken streaming numbers and garnered critical acclaim.

Foxx is also set to star in the upcoming sports comedy flick All-Star Weekend, which he is also directing, as well as the upcoming as-of-yet untitled third Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man film.

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