Jeff Bezos Wears Barely-There Sheer Polo At Miami GP After ‘Battle Of The Billionaires’

Bit nippy out...

Jeff Bezos Wears Barely-There Sheer Polo At Miami GP After ‘Battle Of The Billionaires’

Image: BackGrid

When they talk about transparency in tech, this isn’t what they mean… This weekend, Jeff Bezos was one of the many high-profile celebs to step out for the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix. After battling with fellow billionaire Elon Musk for the limelight, Bezos really stole the show with a barely-there shirt.

Jeff Bezos is never far from the headlines, usually with some absurd drama that could only be the preserve of the world’s richest. Most recently, we think back to when his $723M superyacht hit the seas after weeks of resistance from the Dutch Government…

This weekend was no exception and no less glamorous. Alongside girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, Bezos was seen hobnobbing with other A-list celebrities at the exclusive Carbone Beach supper club, built to celebrate Miami’s racing week.

With attendees paying $3,000 USD per night for reservations, they rightly treated themselves to Italian cuisine from the world-renowned Carbone restaurant and enjoyed star-studded live entertainment. However, despite The Great Gatsby-esque levels of luxury on display, it was something rather more sobering that caught our eye…

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While Sanchez was seen striding in wearing a sequinned dress with a slit-thigh, landscape design and a sheer construction that left little to the imagination, Bezos clearly felt the need to match his partner’s level of sartorial self-confidence.

The bottom half of Bezos’ outfit was altogether unexceptional, comprising of black trainers with thick white soles, black jeans and accessorised with graduated shades. It was what he was seen wearing on his upper half that was cause for concern here at DMARGE…

A knitted polo is a menswear staple, especially when it comes to building a strong but laid-back look in hot weather. In fact, when it comes to completing this outfit, a knitted polo theoretically feels like the perfect choice. But not how Bezos did it.

Between them, the pair left little to the imagination. Image: BackGrid

The maroon number that Bezos opted for, finished with white accents on its collar and cuff, actually turned out to work against the billionaire boss of Amazon. Featuring a waffle texture that’s created by making certain areas of the polo from a much thinner, almost sheer material, large amounts of Bezos’ flesh could be seen when the top was photographed under paparazzi lights. Especially his billionaire nipples.

Now I know Bezos has been hitting the gym, and we’re all impressed by his progress, but did that mean I was ready to see Bezos’ nip-nips this weekend as I was settling in for an early morning race day? Absolutely not. This, for us, is a style no-go.

Wardrobe malfunctions aside, Bezos seemed to enjoy his weekend. During the race, Bezos demonstrated a keen interest in the sport by working with McLaren engineers on the team’s pit wall, despite Amazon’s IT services company AWS sponsoring Ferrari… Hmm.

Elon and his offspring pose with the Red Bull team. Image: Getty

McLaren CEO Zak Brown even stepped down to give him a seat at the wall. This move has raised eyebrows among Formula 1 fans, with many accusing team bosses of pandering to celebrities.

Bezos wasn’t the only billionaire at the race. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was seen in the Red Bull garage chatting with team boss Christian Horner as well as drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio “Checo” Pérez. The billionaire was given a tour of the team’s inner workings, all while holding his baby son – how’s that for multitasking?

The high-profile presence of both billionaires has sparked speculation among fans that they could be gearing up to invest in the sport. Whether this comes to pass remains to be seen, but if it means that Bezos spends more time in well-constructed and thoroughly opaque driving jackets instead of barely-there polos, then I’m all for it.