Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers’ Conspiracy Theory Circlejerk Makes Fans Rage

"Rogan c*ms 3 times in this podcast..."

Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers’ Conspiracy Theory Circlejerk Makes Fans Rage

Image: JRE/YouTube

Only a few months after Elon Musk appeared on a special Halloween episode of the Joe Rogan Experience — and agreed to let Rogan fire an arrow at his personal Tesla cybertruck (the experiment ended badly for Rogan) — the show has set tongues wagging once again with the latest appearance of the NFL’s Aaron Rodgers.

Fans were hoping for a deep dive into the sportsman’s time in the sport, insights on how he achieved his levels of success and the required athleticism, but instead found themselves swept into yet another playing out of what fans deemed to be all of Rogan’s worst points of conversation.

WATCH: It was a strong effort from Rogan, but the Cybertruck held its own.

While I could happily wax lyrical about Rogan’s views myself — and Rodger’s similarly overblown ‘too hot to handle’ takes on all these topics — it’s usually best to let the fans do the talking. Here are some thoughts taken from the show’s dedicated subreddit.

The overarching theme in the feedback was that the show simply didn’t cover the material that fans wanted to see, especially from an elite athlete:

“This would be interesting if he spoke about what he needs to do to be a top level athlete, the work that it takes to get there, and the behind the scenes politics that come with being a star in a league of egos.”


Instead, the show quickly moved onto that single topic that seems to haunt contemporary discourse, especially in America, like no other:

“At least we got like 5 minutes of football talk before they replayed the whole COVID thing”


Another hot topic that the host seemed insistent on discussing at length was the ban on increasingly popular flavoured nicotine pouches in California, which follows hot on the heels of vape and cigarette bans across much of the “Western” world including the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Taking on a sarcastic tone, this commenter teased out some of the contradictions in Rogan’s point of view…

“‘They are trying to ban flavored nicotine pouches in California cause they are trying to control you’… [10 minutes later] ‘They need to put higher taxes on processed food’, Hmm..”


Another was a little more to the point with his feedback:

“Rogan gets more p*ssed about not being able to get flavored nicotine in Cali than he is about an abortion ban or illegal weed in the state he actually f*ckin lives in these days lol. What a f*ckin idiot.”


As with many successful podcasters or entertainers, people were also quick to turn on the two men for complaining about adversities faced in their lives when, in stark contrast to much of their audience, they live immensely privileged and comfortable lives.

This one crafted an ironic quote:

“‘I was a victim of an oppressive government that [was] out to get me 4 years ago’ — two men with a combined net worth of half a billion [dollars], one of [whom] spills his every thought into a microphone and the other throws a ball… ”


In case you needed any more evidence that this was a full-blown circlejerk, this final comment sums it up incredibly well;

“Rogan c*ms 3 times in this podcast after non-stop vaccine talk”


Do you think this is a fair assessment? Or are the fans being excessively hard on Rogan for simply doing his job? Let us know what you think…