Kangaroo Joins Patrons At Pub In Western Australia

Off for a dart?

Kangaroo Joins Patrons At Pub In Western Australia

It could be the start to a classic joke, but beer drinkers at the John Forrest Tavern in Perth, Western Australia recently did find out what happens when a kangaroo walks into a bar.

A video, uploaded to TikTok by user @pennywittenbaker shows a rather large roo bouncing into the pub, much to the bewilderment of customers. We say bewildered, rather than surprised, because judging by the video, nobody seemed too startled or shocked that one of Australia’s iconic wildlife animals decided to waltz on in and through to the smoker’s area for a durry (we presume).

Unsurprisingly, the video attracted a wealth of comments, including:

“Yeah jacks and coke mate” and “Just going to collect the meat tray raffle he just won.”

Another commented: “Everyone just moves aside like ‘gday Barry, ya winnin’? How’s the wife and Joeys?!”

The pub is situated within the John Forrest National Park and is said to be a regular jaunt for the local kangaroo population. However, it could well be one of the last times customers will experience a kangaroo up close while they sink some pints as, according to Perth Now, the John Forrest Tavern is set to shut its doors in a matter of weeks, only to be replaced by a series of food trucks.

A spokesperson for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservations and Attractions is quoted as saying, “DBCA will license food vans to provide a food and beverage service to visitors once the John Forrest Tavern has closed and the new facilities are being constructed.”

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