John Travolta Is Now Bald & It’s Great

New look, who dis'

John Travolta Is Now Bald & It’s Great

It’s a fact that men hate the thought of losing their hair and many will fight tooth and nail until the bitter end. John Travolta was once such a man, however not today.

After many years of denial and incredibly bad hair pieces John Travolta has finally accepted his fate. The man is bald, has been bald and will probably always be bald and for that we salute him.

Stepping out this week at the annual G’Day USA event in Los Angeles, Travolta sported a totally shaved hairdo. A refreshing change from his strategically placed follicles. Combined with a steady beard and wearing a classic black suit / white open collar shirt, Travolta cut a suave and masculine figure that we totally endorse.

A dressed and shaved to kill John Travolta

With his acceptance of baldness and god given ability to grow substantial facial hair, it’s safe to say he’s a contender for more badass heroes and hard as nails villains in future movies.

Let’s hope Mr Travolta continues this trend and remains a beacon of light for bald men everywhere.

The actor formerly known as John Travolta