John Wick Prequel, The Continental: Everything Australians Need To Know

From the world of John Wick.

John Wick Prequel, The Continental: Everything Australians Need To Know

Image: Starz Entertainment

The official trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel to the famed John Wick movies has just been released.

Centred around the famed titular hotel, The Continental transports audiences back to 1970s New York City, exploring new – and some returning – characters decades before the events of John Wick and the exploits of power within this mysterious criminal world.

With 439 registered kills across the entire John Wick franchise, expect to see the same trigger-happy violence that has captivated audiences over the last four movies in this exciting three-part series.

The Continental Plot

The Continental, set in 1970s New York City, follows younger versions of Winston Scott, played by Colin Woodell, and Charon, played by Ayomide Adegun, as they navigate the world of assassins and killers during the real-world events of the rise of the American mafia and the 1968 Great Garbage Strike.

In the trailer, we see Cormac, portrayed by Hollywood heavy-hitter Mel Gibson, who informs Winston Scott that his brother Frankie, played by Ben Robson, has stolen something of grave importance to lethal individuals within the Continental Hotel.

This three-part series will explore the narratives at play decades before the events of John Wick, as Winston Scott is first exposed to New York’s criminal underworld.

Image: Starz Entertainment

The Continental Hotels are safe havens for the bands of assassins that work within the world of John Wick; offering a place for these contract killers to rest and reload before their next assignment. The rules of the Continental Hotel dictate that no business can be conducted within the Hotel’s grounds, including fighting or killing of any kind.

During John Wick: Chapter 2, John Wick knowingly breaks the cardinal rule of the Continental Hotels, killing Santino D’Antonio and rendering Wick “excommunicado.”

The Continental Cast

Hollywood A-Lister Mel Gibson (Braveheart) will star as Cormac, the dangerous, power-hungry owner of the New York Continental Hotel.

Image: Starz Entertainment

Younger versions of Winston Scott and Charon will be played by Colin Woodell (The Flight Attendant) and Ayomide Adegun (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes), respectively.

The Adjudicator returns to the franchise, played by Katie McGrath (Merlin), alongside Nhung Kate, Jessica Allain, Adam Shapiro, Jeremy Bobb, Dan Li and Sallay Garnett.

Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction) joins the cast as John Wick’s favourite clean-up crew Uncle Charlie.

Will Keanu Reeves be in The Continental?

Keanu Reeves points a gun during a fight scene in John Wick 2.
Image: Lionsgate

The Continental promises to return audiences to the world of John Wick, however the storyline of this three-part series occurs decades earlier, during the 1970s America, and Keanu Reeves will not be returning as the world’s most lethal assassin, John Wick.

However, the central thread that connects the two stories is the revered Continental Hotel New York, and as such, younger versions of Winston Scott, Charon and The Adjudicator will all feature in The Continental.

Will Ian McShane return as Winston Scott?

Image: Lionsgate

The Continental takes us back to New York in the 1970s, during the real-world rise of the American mafia; as such, Ian Mcshane (American Gods) will not be reprising his role as Winston Scott, owner of the New York Continental Hotel in John Wick.

Colin Woodell will be donning the signature cravat as a young Winston Scott in this John Wick sequel.

Is Chad Stahelski directing The Continental?

Chad Stahelski, director and visionary behind all four John Wick feature films, returns as an executive producer.

Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli) joins to direct episodes 1 and 3, titled Night One and Night Three, while Charlotte Vrandstrom (The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, The Witcher) directs episode 2, titled Night Two.

Watch the trailer for The Continental below.

Where can I watch The Continental in Australia?

While The Continental is set to be released for streaming on Peacock in the U.S., Australians will be able to watch the John Wick prequel series on Amazon Prime Video when it debuts in September 2023. 

The Continental Release Date

The Continental will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video on 22 September 2023, with episodes released weekly.