Johnny Depp Style: Courtroom Fashion Gaffe Is Proof Even Celebrities Need A Good Tailor

How not to dress for court.

Johnny Depp Style: Courtroom Fashion Gaffe Is Proof Even Celebrities Need A Good Tailor

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Johnny Depp is normally a pretty dapper fellow: the 57-year-old actor has a reputation for being a slick dresser. Even when he dresses up as a pirate he looks on point.

But his latest outfit, captured upon his arrival at London’s Royal Courts of Justice yesterday morning, shows that maybe Depp needs to ask for a second opinion every once in a while.

In a move almost as strange as Kanye West singing about wanting to sleep with his sisters-in-law, Depp stepped out in an outfit fit for… well, not him.

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Depp’s navy suit is ill-fitting. In fact, he almost looks like a teenager rocking up to traffic court in his dad’s old blazer. His trousers are also pretty creased, and we’re not a fan of what looks like a chunky pair of Clarks he’s decided to pair with his ensemble. It’s just all over the place: his hair, the slightly-too-casual scarf, the aviators, the dark shirt – the litanies go on.

He’s probably got more important things on his mind, though. He’s suing The Sun and its executive editor for libel over an article written in April 2018 calling Depp a “wife beater”, ABC News reports. They’re serious allegations, and it’s set to be quite a messy trial.

That said, if it was us, we would be wanting to make the best impression possible for the judge, so we’d invest a little more time in our outfit. Maybe he should have read our guide on how to make a good suit great (hint, hint).

Depp’s got form for wearing oversized suiting. In many ways, it’s been a bit of a signature look for him – he was even rocking it back in the 80s when he better known as Tom Hanson in 21 Jump Street than as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Depp out here looking like a mob boss – in both these looks.

Depp’s recent faux pas isn’t the first time Celebrities have been caught out wearing questionable oversized looks either. Check out Michael Douglas’ oversized ‘straight outta Vinnies’ grey suit he was spotted wearing last year.

They must be stopped.

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