Jonah Hill Completes 'Surf Life' Transition With Radical New Outfit

Big Wednesday Energy.

Jonah Hill Completes 'Surf Life' Transition With Radical New Outfit

Jonah Hill continues to be one of the most stylish and refreshing talents in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old comedian and actor might have built his career off the back of playing nerds and schlubs, but these days he’s a different man. In recent years he’s evolved into one of the most fashion-forward male celebrities on the planet right now, working with big-name brands like PalaceMarni and Adidas on campaigns, collaborations and exclusive collections respectively.

His latest look? Californian surfing cool. Hill took to Instagram over the weekend to show off a sun-bleached, good vibes-emanating outfit that demonstrates how slick he really is. Wearing his “favourite shirt” – a neon-patterned, very 90s cotton short-sleeve number – plus some washed-out jeans and Vans sneakers, Hill looks every inch the quintessential Californian beach bum (in a good way).

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We say ‘bum’ because of his long hair and scraggly beard… But actually (and rather counter-intuitively), his hair and beard make him look younger than he is. It’s just a great look all around.

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Hell, we almost mistook him for the board builder Bear from the classic 1978 surfing film Big Wednesday

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It seems that the only thing more viral than COVID-19 is male celebrities wearing loud shirts. It’s been one of the most consistent style trends of the last eighteen months, with everyone from Kevin Hart; athletes like LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo; and musicians like Justin Bieber all jumping on board.

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Jonah doesn’t just look like a surfer, either. He’s been taking up the sport. While one surf media outlet ribbed him over this, Hill’s response, which you can read here, was incredibly classy. Talk about a Renaissance man…

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