Justin Bieber Wore A $300,000 Diamond Watch To See His Wedding Pastor

Hopefully not a reflection of his wedding attire.

Justin Bieber Wore A $300,000 Diamond Watch To See His Wedding Pastor

Two words. Sagging shorts. And two more words. Patek Philippe.

You’ll rarely ever see them in the same sentence but this is the era of Insta-celebs and billionaire millennials, a time where the most questionable style choices seamlessly blend with luxe horology. Case in point, Justin Bieber spotted visiting his Hillsong wedding pastor with fiancee Hailey Baldwin in New York City.

Whilst a lot of the focus was on the power couple’s latest engagement, we couldn’t take our eyes off what the Biebs was wearing. A cartoon motif white tee, ridiculously saggy Adidas shorts, raised socks and Vans Half-cab sneakers in bright red and blue. And how can we forget the crowning jewel…a custom diamond Patek Nautilus worth an insane £174,494 or AU$309,706.

Now we’re not one to judge how the mega star spends his money but the complete look just doesn’t seem to bode well. It’s like his pad was on fire and he just decided to run out wearing whatever he could find in the vicinity.

But we digress. If you’ve got Bieber levels of money, who gives a damn what others think. Let’s just hope this isn’t a hint of his wedding attire.

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