Justin Bieber’s New Yeezy ‘Moon Boots’ Might Be His Worst Shoes Ever

So bad they're good?

Justin Bieber’s New Yeezy ‘Moon Boots’ Might Be His Worst Shoes Ever

Image: Backgrid

Justin Bieber loves ugly shoes. The uglier the better.

The Canadian pop star is well-known for his love affair with Crocs, but he’s also been spotted wearing other oddball kicks, such as these $870 designer ‘gumboots’ or these customised Nike Air Force 1s he wore to the Met Gala earlier this year.

Thanks to his friendship with rapper and sneaker god Kanye West, he also regularly gets access to the newest Yeezys, often receiving pre-release or prototype pairs of the usually quite outlandish shoes. Case in point: Bieber was spotted going out for brunch with his wife Hailey wearing a pair of new Yeezy NSTLD Boots, which only released yesterday.

Bieber’s worn some weird creps in his time but these puffy moon boot-looking things might just be the worst things he’s ever rocked.

Image: Backgrid

First previewed during the Yeezy Season 8 runway show in March 2020, these chunky boots have debuted in a khaki colourway and are constructed from a water-resistant, insulated canvas – like a coat for your feet. The sole and sidewall ‘cage’ of the boots feature similar design cues to the controversial Yeezy Foam RNNR clogs which hit the market last year.

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We reckon they look pretty hideous but they’ve already sold out online – such is Kanye West’s Midas touch – so what do we know? Originally retailing for US$350, there are already pairs going for as much as US$564 on resale sites like GOAT.

Knowing how hyped fashion works, we wager it won’t take long for these to be a regular sight among the Aspen après ski set (but maybe not among Dubai influencers). Wonder what Bieber’s winter holiday plans are…

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