Justin Bieber Shows You How To Revive The Lost & Forgotten Styles Of Summer

Hawaiian shirts are in again, but with a modern twist.

You’ve seen it on Tom Selleck during his peak of the Magnum P.I. days, you’ve seen it rocked by men during the iconic sunset days of Miami’s summer in the 70s. Today, you get to see it on…Justin Bieber.

You heard right. The 24-year-old pop star has been out and about in New York City and California in recent weeks with fiancee Hailey Baldwin and his look couldn’t be any cooler with cues taken straight out of the lost and forgotten pages of 70s menswear with a hint of modern dad fashion thrown in (more on that in a bit).

Let us break it down for you.

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Bieber rocks the classic oversized Hawaiian shirt here by Amiri featuring big collars and rolled-up sleeves, wide leg trousers by Dickies x Cherryl Los Angeles and a cap to complete this very period-correct look. From then on it’s a free-for-all with Bieber taking the essence of the style and modifying it as he sees fit.

We will say this – it’s sure better than his usual run-of-the-mill T-Shirt rotation.

Hit the gallery to see how Bieber is single-handedly bringing back this iconic 70s look to modern menswear.

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