Justin Bieber’s ‘Hat Over Hoodie’ Look Kickstarts Ridiculous New Trend In Men’s Fashion

And don't get us started on the bright yellow Crocs...

Justin Bieber’s ‘Hat Over Hoodie’ Look Kickstarts Ridiculous New Trend In Men’s Fashion

Image: E News

Justin Bieber has always pushed boundaries with his fashion choices, but a new look debuted in NYC while getting doughnuts with wife Hailey could mark a strange new direction for men’s style.

Over the years, Justin Bieber has presented us with a whole host of fashion choices, some more likable than others. His matching outfits masterclass was romance embodied, but his priestly look for Balenciaga sparked controversy in the world of men’s fashion. Since then, he’s jumped on the ‘brotox’ bandwagon before hitting one of NYC’s many doughnut shops sporting a questionable new look…

Taking to his Instagram to share what looked like an incredibly cutesy day on the town with his wife of five years Hailey Bieber, Justin can be seen making small talk with Krispy Kreme employees and cycling around the city on a bicycle… all whilst wearing an outfit that has divided much of the internet.

Comprised of a light grey zip-up hoodie and matching light grey shorts — both of which appear to be Balenciaga — the bare bones of this outfit are wholly unoffensive. If anything, it verges on being surprisingly unremarkable.

WATCH: Throwback to Justin’s gothy, priestly Balaceniaga look.

However, in quintessential Bieber style, Justin managed to completely shake up the look with two brightly coloured accessories. First, a bright yellow pair of Crocs adorned with a plethora of ‘Jibbitz’. These alone turn a stealth-wealth outfit into a style statement, but surprisingly it wasn’t the Crocs that caused outrage.

At the very opposite end of the look, Bieber threw in a baby-pink, snapback trucker hat from Nahmias. Embroidered with a red font that matched the skin-tight dress worn by Hailey, while the hat may have been a clever way to add some gentle mirroring to their looks, the pink contrasted pretty harshly with the yellow Crocs.

The colour clash, however, is not the issue. What really caused a stir online was Justin’s decision to wear the bright pink headwear on top of his hood, which he not only had up but had pulled tight with its drawstring to create a wholly off-the-wall new look.

Once you’ve seen the look for yourself, it won’t surprise you to hear that it’s caused such a stir online. Comments on images of Bieber across social media ranged from the supportive — “[I love] the way he’s so comfortable to wear what he wants like random clothes in public” — to the downright damning:

“The bar has never been lower.”


Whatever your thoughts on the look, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to spread like wildfire in the coming months, so prepare to see popping up in cities across the USA, UK, and Australia to name a few.

The important thing here is that the couple seem very happy together, and the conspicuously dressed-up Hailey seems totally unbothered by her husband’s insistence on dressing down, and you’ve got to love them for not wanting to change each other. We may hate the hat, but we love the love.