Kanye West Sports Skin-Tight Leggings & Bedraggled Beard As Style Devolution Continues

Form-fitting? Yes. Form-flattering? Not sure...

Kanye West Sports Skin-Tight Leggings & Bedraggled Beard As Style Devolution Continues

Image: Romer Macapuno/DMARGE

He’s always been one for boundary-pushing and sometimes controversial outfits, but this week the now infamous rapper has really outdone himself with a look that seems to mirror the sad decline to which we’ve all borne witness in recent months.

For a long time here at DMARGE, we’ve been card-carrying fans of Kanye West’s style. Even though he’s been liable for the odd fashion sin, his shamelessly carefree style has been an inspiration to us and stylish men the world over.

What we’re not fans of is his recent anti-Semitic turn, which has seen him (rightfully) ostracised by fans, the music industry and the fashion industry, too. Being cancelled is nothing new for Kanye, and he’s still got a dedicated following… This week, however, Kanye made some sartorial choices that will test the loyalty of even his committed fans.

Spotted in Los Angeles rocking a pretty form-fitting look alongside new “wife” (we’re not sure if they’re actually married yet) Bianca Censori, the 45-year-old rapper was seen checking out a warehouse on Melrose Avenue in an outfit that’s demonstrative of Yeezus’ fall from grace.

The outfit in all its glory. Image: BackGrid

Up top, West was wearing a vintage and thoroughly “blokecore” Umbro shirt decorated with a Manchester United logo. We take no issue with this. Down below, however, West wore skin-tight black leggings and minimalist black shoes… And it looks awful.

In addition, West sported a beard that could really do with some TLC. Giving his whole look a somewhat dishevelled edge, the whole aesthetic seemed to be an unfortunate mirror to the rapper’s mental health and general public image, both of which have taken a huge nosedive of late.

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Other than not wearing his favourite ice fishing boots, which have become a wardrobe mainstay in recent months, the other most noticeable change was his companion. Stepping out with Censori, who herself opted for a form-fitting tan top matched with a pair of white angel wings and black leather boots, the pair looked pretty loved-up… Just not very stylish.

Kanye’s Aussie “wife” opted for angel wings with similarly skin-tight bottoms. Image: BackGrid

The couple’s outing comes days after West filed a countersuit against a former business manager who claims West owes him $5.4 million in unpaid fees, mere hours before West hosted his Yeezy Season 10 collection debut.

However, the show was described as an “extremely low-key affair that barely revealed any clothing or fashion designs at all.” Bald models wore appropriately skin-tight white T-shirts and black pants while walking to the music of Frank Ocean.

The warehouse is rumoured to be the location of West’s first-ever Yeezy retail store. In July 2022, West filed a trademark for “YZYSPLY,” which is short for Yeezy Supply, for “retail stores, online ordering services, and online retail store services.”

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At the time of filing, West had a deal with GAP, but this was quickly terminated in September 2022 after a number of controversial media appearances.

As a longtime Kanye stan, I’d love to see the rapper settle with his new boo and launch a sensational, fully-independent Yeezy comeback. Before I’ll be buying into any of that, however, those leggings have got to go… Among other things.