KFC Announces International Travel Venture: ‘Kentucky Fly Chicken’

Finger lickin' goodness at 30,000 feet.

KFC Announces International Travel Venture:  ‘Kentucky Fly Chicken’

Image: DMARGE/Romer Macapuno

KFC is offering fans the chance to taste international menu items in their country of origin with this unexpected travel venture.

Only a matter of months after reporting on one of our favourite stories of 2023 — when passengers flying with British Airways had to endure a left-field if finger-licking good catering substitution after technical issues saw their scheduled food sent straight to the bin — Colonel Sanders is back to throw his hat in the international travel ring once more.

In a wholly unexpected move, KFC Australia is launching a one-of-a-kind travel campaign called ‘Kentucky Fly Chicken’, offering fans a chance to taste international KFC menu items in their country of origin. The fast-food giant plans to send five lucky and dedicated customers on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to explore its manifold offerings and flavours in cultures around the world.

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Should you want to get involved, KFC connoisseurs need only log on to the Aussie KFC App to hunt for hidden international menu items. These items should catch your eye, given their unfamiliarity to the Australian palate, once identified, add them to your cart and the Colonel will do the rest. Successful participants will be placed on a shortlist, with winners earning a trip to the meal’s native country to experience it in the context and climate for which it was originally intended.

The first winner has already headed off on a culinary adventure to Tokyo, Japan, where they got to savour the Wafu Cutlet Burger, apparently a KFC Japan specialty. The burger features a panko-crumbed chicken fillet seasoned with KFC’s signature herbs and spices, topped with teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and shredded cabbage… while this alone would be enough to tempt me overseas, the winner’s itinerary also included an all-expenses-paid tour of the city.

Winners can also look forward to business-class flights, four-star accommodations, and a budget of A$6,000 for spending on whatever they please. Tami Cunningham, CMO at KFC Australia, had this to say about the venture:

“Combining the joy of international travel with our beloved fried chicken seemed like the perfect opportunity to offer our fans an unforgettable experience.”

Tami Cunningham, CMO at KFC Australia

The competition is open from February 20th until March 18th 2024, with four new international products being introduced every single week. Participants must spend a minimum of A$1 within the app to qualify and have a valid Australian passport.

Here’s to a cluckin’ good time…