KinectAir: $100 Private Jets Have Arrived Thanks To Revolutionary ‘Uber-Style’ App

Ever wished you could just order and board a private plane in the same way you call an Uber? Well, look no further...

KinectAir: $100 Private Jets Have Arrived Thanks To Revolutionary ‘Uber-Style’ App

With news this year that not only do private jets actually cost less than flying business class in many instances, as well as the shock that private jet flights are now available for dogs, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that businesses are looking for ways to make private flights even more accessible to the general public.

Believe it or not, booking luxury travel can be unexpectedly difficult for those at the very top end of the income spectrum, with traditional private jet booking involving brokers, expensive memberships, and an all-around overwhelming process that can make it inaccessible for even more people than you’d already assume.

That’s where KinectAir could be set to change the game…

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What Is ‘KinectAir’?

Founded in 2019, KinectAir’s mission is to make private air travel more accessible to so-called regular people. Having offered on-demand private flights in the Pacific Northwest for a number of years, the business is now set to introduce “empty leg” flights from December 2023.

With “quick hops” starting from USD$111 per person, CEO Katie Buss, a former military pilot, explains how the company wants to change the perception that private flights are only good enough for Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and alike…

“We want to change the way people think about short flights… It’s by no means cheap, but it’s more accessible than most people think. Instead of just going to Delta, we want people to see what flying private would be like … It’s a totally different way of travel.”

KinectAir CEO Katie Buss

How Does KinectAir Work?

In much the same way that Uber transformed the taxi game and AIrBnB reshaped how we think about hotels, KinectAir wants to use its AI-backed software to simplify the process of finding and booking private flights. Focusing on short lifts (<500 miles) and using the turbo-prop and piston-engine aircraft that are best suited to these journeys, KinectAir claims to deliver 75% discounts compared to regular private plane prices.

Here’s co-CEO Ben Howard on how it all works:

“We’re letting the software do that sifting through the haystack to make it more accessible and give [customers] a better chance of putting together the trip you actually want”

KinectAir co-CEO Ben Howard

Guaranteeing all the same safety standards as regular carriers but distinguishing itself from competitors by not charging any membership or transaction fees, KinectAir does offer very competitive prices compared to commercial airlines, especially when booked at the last minute. According to CNN, an empty-leg flight from Phoenix to Palm Springs was just US$233 per person, less than any available commercial carrier.

KinectAir will use smaller planes, compared to traditional private jets. Image: Getty

Is This Bad For The Environment?

KinectAir has, unsurprisingly, received some backlash for encouraging private plane use in the context of an environmentally decaying planet. Back in 2021, a study found that 1% of people were responsible for more than half of all global flying emissions and, with the private jet industry booming, there’s not only speculation that this is set to rise but that companies like KinectAIr could be making a and problem worse.

While you could make the (very strong) argument that 80% of popular private jet routes have a much more eco-friendly rail alternative available, Howard does explain how KinectAir actually makes the private jet industry “more efficient”, given that it allows the staggering 40% of private jet journeys that are actually empty “ghost flights” to be booked by paying customers.

Moreover, the turbo-prop and piston planes that KniectAir uses burn significantly less fuel than traditional jets and the business has plans to use electric hybrid planes in the future. Regardless, the jury is very much out on whether KinectAir and similar companies have any chance of doing a net environmental good, but at least they’re thinking about the topic…

If you’re in the market for a private jet but 2023’s stagnating economy hasn’t seen the coffers quite as full as you might like then. look no further: KinectAir might just be the thing for you.