$7.5 Million For 5 Nights: The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s Staggering Hotel Costs

How much?!

$7.5 Million For 5 Nights: The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s Staggering Hotel Costs

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The Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to be the most expensive race in the franchise’s history and could generate A$2.6 billion for Sin City. When hotel costs are this high, it’s easy to see why…

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to be one of if not the single biggest event in the Formula 1 calendar. With A-list fanboys queueing and unprecedented levels of interest across the board, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this event is going to draw a lot of people and, therefore, a lot of money into Sin City this weekend.

The bosses at Formula 1 are acutely aware of this as are ticket resellers, who have jacked up ticket prices to incredible new highs for access to the big race. However, it’s the city’s iconic and longstanding hotels that are really set to cash in big this weekend by offering hospitality packages that allow you trackside access, a (very large) bed to collapse into at the end of it all, and a lot of champagne in between…

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While the cheapest tickets available start at around US$500 — which buys you general access into the infamous MSG Sphere Zone — and grandstand seats cost well in excess of US$1,000, these pale in comparison to the packages offered by the strip’s most loved and most infamous hotels. Leading the pack is Caesar’s Place, which makes good sense as nowhere better epitomises everything that Vegas represents…

Their 5-day package will set you back US$5 million, which is around A$7.5 million. The last time that Formula 1 graced the Vegas strip, Caesar’s Palace hosted the track on their very own parking lot. Four decades later, the scale of the event has grown beyond compare, but Caear’s centrality remains unaffected…

As drivers race down the 2km stretch of the track directly along the strip, Caesar’s Entertainment is offering the eye-watering package that includes the following: five nights stay in a three-bedroom suite in the award-winning (and ludicrously expensive) Nobu Hotel, 12 tickers to the paddock and — the biggest flex of all — 75 guests of your choosing to watch the race from your terrace which towers 140-feet above the track.

It may look a little dated, but Caesar’s Palace is still the hottest spot in town. Image: Getty

If you’d expect more for five million dollars then fear not; the package also includes a private culinary experience with Nobu’s head chef, a personal Rolls Royce with an on-call driver, 24 butler service at the hotel and — a big boon for music fans — two tickets to Adele’s sold out Vegas show.

If this is all a smidge out of your price range, you have a couple of other options. Caesar’s Palace is offering more modest packages for the bargain price of US$1 million each, as is the equally extravagant Wynn Hotel down the road. Resort World has a US$888,000 thousand package if you’re looking for further savings and — if you’re rich but not superrich — there are other options across the city ranging from US$90,000 to US$7,500; F1 Destinations has a full list.

While most fans won’t be able to afford a standard ticket, let alone the airfare to get themselves there, it’s nice to know that the well-heeled are enjoying themselves in style… I guess.