Leonardo DiCaprio & Lewis Hamilton Collab In ‘Game Changing’ Business Venture

Watch out Macca's...

Leonardo DiCaprio & Lewis Hamilton Collab In ‘Game Changing’ Business Venture

Lewis Hamilton, arguably the best Formula 1 driver of all time and seven-time F1 World Championship winner, isn’t just interested in racing.

The 37-year-old is also passionate about implementing positive social change; for example, he changed his name legally to include his mother’s surname and only eats a plant-based diet.

In 2019, Hamilton also co-founded the first international plant-based burger chain, a vegan restaurant, named Neat.

Hamilton’s vegan ‘Neat Meat’ burger – Cheese, grilled onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, white onions, neat sauce, stack sauce + double Neat Meat patty. Image Credit: Neat Burger Co.

Although Hamilton is a full-fledged vegan himself, he hopes that Neat will also pique interest and make it easier for meat-eaters to try a plant-based meal every once in a while.

“We created Neat Burger to make plant-based eating more accessible to everyone, whether you eat plant-based all the time or just want to add it to your diet every now and again.”

Neat currently has eight locations in London but the company has just announced they plan to open twelve more locations in the US by the end of 2022 and are aiming to have one thousand US locations by 2030.

DiCaprio, pictured here at the 2014 People’s Climate March in NYC, has just invested in Hamilton’s vegan burger chain. Image Credit: Just Jared

Not only this but veteran actor and Oscar-winner, Leonardo DiCaprio has just joined Neat as a strategic investor. In a statement, DiCaprio – who is also well-known as a climate change activist – said:

“Disrupting our food system with sustainable alternatives is one of the key ways we can make a real difference in reducing global emissions. Neat Burger’s pioneering approach to alternative proteins is a great example of the type of solutions we need moving forward.”

One thing’s for certain; with the combination of Hamilton, DiCaprio and burgers under its belt, Neat has a shot at becoming wildly successful. McDonalds, watch your back…

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