Lewis Hamilton Flaunts Shredded Body Ahead Of Azerbaijan GP

Lean, mean, racing machine.

Lewis Hamilton Flaunts Shredded Body Ahead Of Azerbaijan GP

Image: @lewishamilton

It seems that Lewis Hamilton has been hitting the gym pretty hard in the days leading up to the one-of-a-kind Azerbaijan GP. Seemingly pretty deep in his feelings, the racing superstar took to social media to flaunt his six-pack and share some motivational words of wisdom…

Lewis Hamilton has form for getting sweaty, often choosing climate-defying looks for his pre-race walkouts. This week, however, he kept the sweating strictly confined to the walls of the gym, where he’s been pumping iron ahead of this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

After a well-deserved four-week break, the seven-time F1 world champion is gearing up to take on the track once again. And, based on his recent Instagram post, it’s clear he’s been putting in some serious work to stay in peak physical condition.

In a recent post, Hamilton gave fans a glimpse into his intense workout routine, leaving many in awe of his pretty impressive physique. The 38-year-old British F1 legend not only shared a photo of his shredded body but also included a motivational message, encouraging his followers to push themselves to be better in all aspects of their lives.

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Aside from his impressive workout routine, Hamilton also showed off his array of tattoos while sporting a matching pale blue shorts and vest set, white socks, red trainers, and a beaded necklace. The F1 superstar then relaxed and recovered in the tub.

A hard-earned dip after training. Image: @lewishamilton

He also shared some motivational words of wisdom with his fans, which seem to provide a glimpse into his headspace in the final days before the race:

“Motivation means taking care of ourselves, training both mind and body, and working toward progress no matter how small it may seem. I’m no stranger to tough days… When they come, it feels impossible to push on. That negativity isn’t real, it’s all in the mind and I know you have it in you to overcome it.”


After two fifth-place finishes at the start of the season, Hamilton was able to secure a second-place finish in the Australian Grand Prix behind Max Verstappen. Despite the early setbacks, Mercedes Chief Toto Wolff remains confident in the team’s ability to make up ground on the dominant Red Bull car. With the introduction of sprint qualifying this weekend in Baku, the competition is sure to heat up even more.

The new sprint qualifying shake-up is sure to add even more excitement to the already intense race weekend. The shorter race has been replaced with sprint qualifying, known as ‘the sprint shootout’, which will take place before the 100km sprint race. Qualifying to determine the grid for Sunday’s main race will take place on Friday, with one practice session scrapped.

Resting between sets with much on the mind it seems. Image: @lewishamilton

Australian F1 driver Oscar Piastri is also gearing up for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, saying he has been “doing a lot of work in the simulator” to get the car set up correctly for the challenging street circuit. After scoring his first-ever F1 points in the previous race in Melbourne, Piastri is hoping to build on that momentum.

How the altered race format affects the drivers this weekend remains to be seen, but at least we can rest assured that Hamilton will be walking out to his car feeling pretty body confident. If you aren’t as shredded as Hamilton – I’m certainly not – don’t let it get you down. Remember, negativity isn’t real…