Lewis Hamilton’s 'Tactical' Orange Jumpsuit Could Secure Him The Dutch Vote

Pass that Dutch.

Lewis Hamilton’s 'Tactical' Orange Jumpsuit Could Secure Him The Dutch Vote

We have enough fodder to fill our eyes for the rest of the Formula One racing calendar if Lewis Hamilton is anything to go by. Just last week we saw him pay homage to his hometown of Stevenage with a ‘geezer’ outfit the likes of which will have any ‘road man’ salivating – and that’s just the beginning.

This weekend, however, arguably the greatest Formula One driver to have ever graced the tarmac appears to have played a tactical move in the hope of securing some crowd noise of his own during the Dutch Grand Prix.

Understanding that closest rival for the 2021 Championship, Max Verstappen, will have the lion’s share of the crowd on his side come Sunday, Lewis arrived at the Circuit Zandvoort wearing all-orange, in what we’re calling a potential attempt to tug at Dutch heartstrings.

If you’ve ever seen the Dutch play football – soccer, to our American and Australian readers – you would be hard pressed to not notice their retina-searing orange jerseys. This is because orange is the official colour of the Dutch Royal Family. Yep, despite the country’s national flag comprising red, white and blue, orange is the colour most closely associated with the European country.

Lewis clearly did his homework, arriving in an orange jumpsuit, orange tie-dye coat and even a pair of orange Police sunglasses, which have been designed in collaboration with the man himself. We haven’t yet tracked down where his jumpsuit or coat are from, but don’t expect them to come cheap and don’t expect to be able to pull them off as effectively as he does, were you to find them yourself.

Taking to Instagram, Hamilton posted a slow-motion video of himself in his full orange ensemble, accompanied by the caption “Rolling with that orange drip.” Suffice to say, his style and choice of colour have earned him serious brownie points in the comments section, with more fire emojis than we care to count.

Lewis will be hoping to extend his 3-point championship lead over Verstappen at this weekend’s race, which sees the Circuit Zandvoort and the Dutch Grand Prix return for the first time since 1985. In the years since that last race, the track has been modified extensively, which has seen the addition of two banked corners – corners with a 19-degree incline – which is also a feature we rarely see in Formula One racing anymore.

With full support likely to be given to his Red Bull Racing rival, Lewis will no-doubt be hoping those high turns will provide the difference between running away with the championship, or see Max take full control.

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