Lewis Hamilton Should Face FIA Sanctions For Carrying These Guns While Driving

The Mercedes driver muscles in on his critics.

Lewis Hamilton Should Face FIA Sanctions For Carrying These Guns While Driving

Image: Gotham

Lewis Hamilton has currently been in hot water with the FIA – Formula 1’s governing body – over his refusal to take off his jewellery while racing. Now, he’s brought the big guns out…

The seven-time F1 World Champion was spotted arriving at a Saturday Night Live afterparty earlier this week – the same one attended by Post Malone – wearing an oversized, sleeveless denim shirt, denim jeans, an Amiri trucker cap and Louis Vuitton combat boots.

It’s a characteristically eclectic outfit that screams ‘luxury Joe Dirt’, especially considering the monstrous Lincoln Navigator he was riding in. They say Lewis is a weapon on the track but just look at those guns! Suns out guns out baby! He’s not got any firearms, just ~fire~ arms.

Of course, if any of the FIA’s stewards or bean counters were anywhere near as fit as Hamilton, we wager they’d be showing off their guns too.

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Image: Gotham

Actually, it’s worth being a bit serious about the FIA and Hamilton’s spat around jewellery. For some context: ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, race director Niels Wittich had issued a ‘reminder’ to all teams and officials that wearing body piercings and metal neck chains was prohibited during the competition for safety reasons – a direction that was widely interpreted as targeting Hamilton specifically.

Hamilton wouldn’t back down, however, saying “If they stop me [racing] then so be it. We’ve got a spare driver.” He even rocked up to an F1 press conference wearing three IWC Schaffhausen watches (including the new Mercedes team watch), rings on every finger, a Cartier bangle, multiple chains and studs in both ears.

Even former rival Sebastian Vettel also backed Hamilton, saying “probably at this stage it’s more of a personal thing and I feel particularly in a way targeted to Lewis. We spoke about underpants as well. Is that the most exciting thing we can talk about?”

In the end, Hamilton was granted a special jewellery exemption for the inaugural Miami race – but it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll be rocking his usual bevy of bling at the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend.

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