Lewis Hamilton Is Proof You Can Wear Whatever The F*ck You Want In NYC

Hamilton continues to push the boundaries of cool and 'WTF' in men's fashion.

Lewis Hamilton

He may be the fastest man on four wheels at the moment but make no mistake, Lewis Hamilton is also continuing to build his profile as one of the world’s most eclectic celebrity dressers.

His latest message to the world? “I’m in New York and I don’t give a f*ck!”

Okay, whilst he didn’t actually say that, his latest wardrobe antics certainly do as they tread the fine line between fashion pioneer, cashed-up pimp and Freddy Mercury.

You want white tracksuit pants with rainbow stripes and gold chains? Hamilton has that as he was snapped on the streets of New York in his own rendition of streetwear.

How about a metallic pink bomber jacket complete with satin print shirt, a gold snake buckle and round sunglasses (at night)? He sure did.

And finally we have Hamilton in a pair of trousers which straddles the line between art and ‘I vomited on my pants and let it dry there’.

From the circuit overalls to some of the boldest looks ever attempted by a race car driver, there’s no denying that Hamilton is in a league of his own when it comes to embracing the celebrity lifestyle and the aesthetics that come with it – including his interesting choice in hairstyle.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of his past looks which have helped define the Brit’s quirky off-track persona.