New App Makes It Dangerously Easy To Find Boutique Accommodation In Australia

So many of us seek out unique trips but end up falling into the same old tourist traps. This new business helps you live like a local.

New App Makes It Dangerously Easy To Find Boutique Accommodation In Australia

Image: Locay

It’s widely acknowledged that Australians have an unrivalled passion for travel. Still, far too often they find their lust for unique experiences butting up against the irresistible convenience of mainstream tourist traps. Lucky for us, a brand new business is set to do away with this dilemma forever more…

Gone are the days of scouring the internet for booking hacks or doom-scrolling AirBnB in the vain hope of finding a luxury diamond in the rough that, somehow, no one else has stumbled across. Born from the shared passion of Simone Ramjee and Larissa Fuller to connect people with communities, share local experiences, and curate sincerely boutique accommodations, Locay is set to redefine the way you plan your trips.

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Established in 2020 by this pair of self-proclaimed tourism, hospitality, and event powerhouses, Locay claims to be far more than just an app. Rather, it positions itself as “your ultimate online platform for travel, lifestyle, and design”. The founders, bringing their international experience in hosting and cultivating local tourism, have curated a space that shifts the spotlight onto travel experiences that truly enrich your time away from home.

Steering clear of the mainstream and taking all the hard work out of discovering those oh-so-sought-after hidden gems, unique concepts, and niche neighbourhood locations, the dynamic duo has partnered with some of the world’s biggest names in travel to bring the world an extensive collection of hand-picked boutique hotels, as well as allowing you to compare the best deals on hotels, flights, cars, insurance, and experiences… all in one place.

Sounds great but… sounds expensive too, right? Think again. What sets Locay apart is its commitment to making boutique accommodations accessible and affordable. How have they achieved the impossible? By teaming up with KAYAK, the world’s largest travel booking engine, Locay provides users with access to a global inventory of everything they could possibly need when planning their next getaway. This ingenious partnership ensures users can shop and compare major online travel brands and always secure the best available deals.

Locay founders Simone Ramjee and Larissa Fuller. Image: Locay

Locay doesn’t stop at hotels and flights, however. They go the extra mile with their industry-leading ‘Plan a Trip‘ feature. Bringing more illustrious partners and industry giants into the fold — including Ticketmaster,, SEARADAR, International Rail, and Cover-More Group — Locay makes it easier than ever to book the perfect local vacation and marks it out as a true one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

At the heart of Locay’s mission is the belief that discovering unique travel experiences should be effortless. So, let the platform serve as your trusted travel companion, guiding you through the world’s most distinctive and exciting accommodation concepts, one neighbourhood at a time. It’s time to bid farewell to cookie-cutter mega resorts and embrace a kind of travel that puts meaning over mass appeal.