Red & Infrared Light Therapy Is The Secret To Looking Younger

Well, it's sort of free...

Red & Infrared Light Therapy Is The Secret To Looking Younger

Biohacker Dave Asprey says men can vastly improve their skin and overall health with ‘light therapy’.

Dave Asprey, the American biohacker, is back with more health advice for men. Previously, Asprey has used his social media to educate men on how and why they should fast from social media (yes, we see the irony) and double their deep sleep. Now, he’s sharing how men can get better skin for free… Sort of.

Taking to Instagram, Asprey has recommended red and infrared light therapy because, according to his caption, it’s “like photosynthesis for your skin and body; it essentially empowers damaged cells to heal themselves…” and it “increases collagen production, reduces inflammation, charges your mitochondria, relieves pain and increases blood circulation.”

Asprey also explains other benefits of light therapy in more detail in his video – which you can watch below – and says,

“If you’d like to have skin that maintains its elasticity and doesn’t get super thin over time, you can use red and infrared, and even amber, light therapy. You can spend a few minutes, every now and then, shining a light on your face or on your body.

That has incredible systemic effects, including on the microbiome, on your bone density, on your testosterone levels… just from light on your skin.”

Dave Asprey

By now, you’re probably wondering where the ‘free’ part comes in. Well, Asprey does admit that you will have to purchase a light therapy device initially but once you’ve invested in one, you can use it daily “for free”.

“It’s not very expensive because you buy a light therapy device and you can use it every day for free.”

Asprey also believes that light therapy has anti-aging effects; both physical and mental.

“So maybe, in the morning when you’re drinking your coffee, you might want to have some light therapy. Is that going to radically change how you feel 20 years from now and how you look? Actually, it probably will.”

Dave Asprey

Many have commented on Asprey’s post, agreeing with his advice. One Instagram user wrote, “I’ve made this a daily practice! Good stuff,” while another wrote about how they’ve been doing red light therapy daily and now “look and feel about 15 years younger.”

Paris Hilton even responded to Asprey’s post and commented with the ‘raising hands’ emoji – which generally means ‘praise’ or ‘preach’.

If you’re a tad apprehensive about trying out light therapy just because some ‘biohacker’ on the internet says so (and you’d be right for being cautious), it is broadly considered safe. Most physicians and scientists agree red light therapy is non-toxic and does not use the same ultraviolet light (that the sun and tanning booths possess) that causes cancer.

So there, you have it. Gentlemen, if you want better-looking skin, perhaps you should get yourself a device and start daily light therapy. While it’s not entirely free, it is a relatively cheap ongoing skincare method.

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