Male Sex Robot Doll Designed To Sex Better Than You

The world's first male sex robot has a few moves up his silicone sleeve.

Male Sex Robot Doll Designed To Sex Better Than You

His gaze is unshakable, as if he was actually enthralled by the recount of your wife’s day. Abs? He’s got eight of them. Broodish good looks? He’s got them too. And when it comes to manners, he only speaks when spoken to. Meet Henry, the world’s first male sex robot designed to steal your girl and thunder in one swift move. Batteries included.

Henry is a product of Realbotix, the Californian-based company which specialises in making hyper realistic sex robots. Previously, the company only focused on producing female sex robots for lonely men but have since moved their attention to male sex robots for women in need of companionship.

“Women have the same issues of loneliness as men. People call them sex dolls but mostly it’s about companionship. In this world of computers people are missing out on human interaction,” explains Matt McMullen, the CEO of Realbotix and creators of Henry.

In the aesthetic realm, companionship comes in the form of options. And Henry has quite a few. Every component of the robot can be customised from the overall appearance including hair, height and build to the size and shape of its penis. Henry’s developers are currently working on a way to make the latter fully robotic.

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Most importantly though, Henry is no one trick pony. With a price tag in the region of AU$14,000 and AU$20,000, Henry can also interact with its owner by welcoming them home in their accent of choice before having a conversation about why reality television is such a joke. Heck, he can even tell its master jokes and drop romantic pickup lines like a pro.

Are we worried yet? You should be.

Whilst users will still need to lug Henry around to the bedroom, it’s only a matter of time before robotic development will be advanced enough to have Henry hitting on your wife.

Harvard University mathematics expert Dr Cathy O’Neil explained to the Daily Mail that Henry might be good for women as well as men.

“What’s not to love about a dashing manbot? It’s possible they will out-perform men in certain areas, not just in the bedroom. Perhaps that will encourage men to up their game and find out what women really want. And if they can teach him to give a massage and take out the rubbish, all the better.”

Take a look at what Robotix have done in the past with the video below.