Man Confronts Cheating Partner At Melbourne Airport

She cheated on you because you wear Birkenstocks, mate.

Man Confronts Cheating Partner At Melbourne Airport

Around 44% of Australians admit to infidelity in a relationship. When it comes to playing up while abroad a recent US survey discovered around 36 percent of men and 13 percent of women gave into temptation while on a holiday or business trip. They may be some pretty dismal stats when it comes to trust in a relationship but don’t worry it’s not all bad news.

What if your partner does cheat and you find out while they’re still abroad? Do you confront them over the phone? Do you write a sh*tty email? Or maybe just forget to pick them up from the airport. “Where are you?” “Oh I’m sorry I don’t pick up cheaters from airports.”

This week, a local Melbourne hero took it up a notch with this creative and cold blooded approach to confronting his cheating partner at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.

It’s presumed he was welcoming home his partner from an international adventure and instead decided to call the cheater out…. in public with a big sign saying “I know YOU cheated”.

In true internet style it didn’t take long for the trolls to add their two cents. It seems his sandals were not a hit.

Thankfully someone came to this legend’s defence.