3 Pieces To Revolutionise Your Wardrobe This Australian Summer

Offering a one-stop shop for a masterful wardrobe with only a few key pieces, MARCS is set to make silly season a lot more stylish.

3 Pieces To Revolutionise Your Wardrobe This Australian Summer

The following article was produced in partnership with Myer.

We’re all looking forward to summer finally rolling around — those long, bright days spent seamlessly segueing from the beach to the bar and beyond, indulging in all the delights that silly season has to offer. However, this time of year can present one particularly acute problem for Aussie blokes: the dreaded wardrobe overhaul. 

While the ladies out there are blessed with endless options — think of the classic summer dress that seems to work for any occasion — men have it slightly tougher; the last thing you want is to be the guy who wears a rusty pair of rugga shorts and past-its prime tee to every social event for weeks on end. Even worse is the thought of having to drag yourself around every shopping mall known to man, trying in vain to piece together a suitable assortment of ready-to-wear outfits. 

This is where MARCS’ 2023 Summer collection comes into play, offering you a one-stop shop for a masterful seasonal wardrobe with only a few key pieces… and a well-placed accessory or two. Your style saviour this summer, the dedicated design team at MARCS knows that all you need to nail your outfits this summer are three staple pieces: a party shirt, some tasteful tees, and the right pair of shorts to tie it all together. 

With this in mind, we’ve picked out the must-have pieces from MARCS’ latest collection and taken a closer look at what makes these garments undeniable wardrobe essentials this summer… 

Party Shirts

Party shirts are the single most underrated shortcut to beating the summer heat in style. Made from breathable, lightweight fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable — no matter how heated the festivities might get — these airy and effortlessly stylish shirts are a summer go-to. 

Featuring a range of unique prints and patterns that will turn heads all season long, you can opt for a relaxed, resort-style wide-open neck collar for a 70s-inspired vibe, choose to keep things classic with an easy-to-wear regular fit, or even try a casual slim fit for that tailor-made look. 

Whatever your weapon of choice, all are crafted with natural fibres like linen, cotton, or a soft absorbent lyocell to keep you cool even on the hottest days. 


It’s all well and good nailing the party shirt up top, but now you need to find the perfect pair of shorts to match. Whatever vibe you’re chasing, MARCS has what you’re looking for. 

Their cargo shorts — a look that never seems to go out of style — are made from a rugged twill cotton and boast spacious, heavy-duty pockets for your daily carry. If you want something a little smarter, try their denim shorts, available in khaki, stone, and vintage-washed blues. With 5 pockets, including the classic coin pocket, this is about as timeless as it gets. 

If breathability is paramount, their 100% linen shorts are super soft and unbelievably comfortable. Utility and printed styles even offer the chance for a summer co-ord, the ultimate festival uniform. Finally, their swim shorts are quick-dry and perfect for that beach-to-bar segue.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees speak for themselves: they’ve been a spring and summer must-have for decades, allowing a freedom of expression through clothes that can be hard to find in the plainer aisles of menswear basics. 

MARCS’ newest releases are certainly no exception: featuring high-quality prints of a whole host of retro designs and off-the-wall illustrations, they are crafted from 100% pure cotton for breathability and easy care. Plus, they’re available in both slim and regular fits so you can tailor your outfit to suit your personal style. 

Leather Accessories

Now, I know we said there would only be three key pieces to revamping your summer wardrobe but hear us out… sometimes what an outfit really needs to become just that, a well-curated, cohesive outfit, is the perfect accessory to tie it all together. 

Lucky for you, MARCS has just the thing. Their range of leather accessories may be investment pieces but they’ll become everyday essentials in no time at all. The Weekend Holdall is a masterpiece, offering a spacious, structured, and modern take on a men’s essential that will elevate your travel plans this Christmas and far beyond. 

They also have wash bags, wallets, and laptop cases on offer, so that you can make any outfit look and feel that extra bit premium without having to layer up in the summer sun. 

Bottom Line

Frankly, the collection speaks for itself, but that won’t stop us from adding our two cents on top: if you want to look your best this summer, levelling up a season that can be hard for men to master, then look no further than MARCS brand new collection. 

With just three key pieces (and a cheeky accessory or two), you can transform your summer style with one quick and easy shopping experience. Look good, feel better, and never lose a Saturday afternoon traipsing from store to store ever again… 

Check out MARCS menswear summer collection online now at MYER.