Marriott's Gravity Room Literally Flips Hotel Design On Its Head

Marriott Gravity Room

Once we’ve got the transportation part of commercial space travel sorted, accommodations are the next logical step. Those space lodgings might look something like this: Marriott’s physics-defying Gravity Room.

Located in the Greatroom of the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, the Gravity Room is an inverted replica of a guest room. The temporary installation is one part interior design showpiece, meant to hype the chain’s new in-room décor, and one part social media event, meant to refresh the Marriott brand image.

Guests are invited to explore the miniature Marriott room, which is turned at a 90-degree angle so the floor and ceiling serve as walls, and share their experiences using the hashtag #MGravityRoom. A desk, platform bed, and functioning flatscreen TV adorn the ceiling/wall (depending on your perspective), appearing to float within the space. The Gravity Room also boasts a model of a glass-walled shower and sink beneath the desk setup and a small open air closet hanging on a wall.

On the desk, visitors find instructions that explain how to position themselves to appear as if they are walking on the walls and ceiling of the room. After striking a pose and snapping a photo, simply rotate the image 90-degrees and it will appear to return to an upright position. Any human subjects in the picture look like they’re levitating or standing on the wall.

“Travellers today crave inspiration and unique experiences,” said Matthew Carroll, vice president and global brand manager, Marriott Hotels. “We see the #MGravityRoom as a creative way of showcasing the transformation of our brand and how we’re meeting the evolving needs of our guest. We have pushed the limits in our design and this allows us to have some fun with it while sharing our newest ideas.”

Marriott’s Gravity Room will be on display through October 1, so hurry if you want to get in on the latest trendy Instagram snap.