McLaren Senna For Sale In Australia

When wifey tells you off for buying the wrong car.

McLaren Senna For Sale In Australia
The listing’s single image

We tend to find some funny things on Australia’s biggest car listing site. Take this exclusive McLaren Senna for example. It appears that poor Sam from Kensington in South Australia accidentally bought one of the fastest production cars in the world (he was actually after a 2006 Kluger) and forgot to read the fine print stipulating ‘no refunds, chap’.

Alas, we have one of the most audacious car sales listings this year with one of the most polarising hypercars of our time. Say hello to the 2019 McLaren Senna P15 Ultimate Series, number 242 of 500 examples built worldwide. And it can now be yours for a measly AU$2,100,000. The base price for the model in Australia starts from AU$1,700,000.

The funny thing about the ad is that for a car of this calibre, it’s awfully…bare. Buyers only get one lopsided image of its rear end which we can only assume was taken outside the McLaren dealership as the buyer uttered to himself: “oh sh*t…this isn’t the SUV I wanted”.

Jokes and assumptions aside, if this is a legitimate Senna sale then you’re looking at one of the most immaculate examples available on the market today. With just 1km on the clock, this like-new car also comes with a plethora of MSO bespoke appointments including the Cosmos Black Elite Paint paired with a Black Interior.

Options added includes MSO Bespoke Contrast Stitching, MSO Bespoke Steering Wheel Centre Band, MSO Bespoke Vinyl Pinstripe, MSO Bespoke Painted Lock Nuts and MSO Bespoke Embroidered Headrest.

We don’t need to get into detail about its performance since it has been around for a while now, but you can read about it here if you want.

Update: Car listing has now been updated with professional images