VRC Drops A Menswear Bombshell For This Year's Melbourne Cup Carnival

Socks are officially out.

Brace yourselves, fashionistos. Socks are no longer mandatory at the Melbourne Cup Carnival for men starting this year. That’s the latest bombshell to hit punters today with the Victorian Racing Club announcing that they’re taking a more relaxed approach to racing attire for the 2017 event.

The strict rules for men wearing socks at this race have long been in place across the event’s history, so this new deregulation is bound to enrage some traditionalists who are calling it a fashion faux pas.

It’s important to note though that the VRC might not be doing it as a sign of laziness or dropping the standard, but rather that modern fashion has moved with the times and the necessity for socks with every suit is simply unfeasible with today’s extensive choices. As an example, men who wore loafers in the past would wear their socks into the venue and then remove them once inside.

The lifting of mandatory socks will extend to the Members Enclosure and the Birdcage during Flemington race week. UK stylist William Hanson wasn’t too impressed with the announcement, telling the 3AW radio hosts that he’s “aghast” and that, “It’s not common-place here, thank heavens. No one of quality stock will be doing it, I assure you”.