Melbourne Man Wins The Lottery, Has Most Aussie Reaction Ever

"I’m done with work. I’m out of here, mate. Retirement is calling."

Australian powerball win

Three people have just won Australia’s biggest ever lottery draw, with the winners taking home a ridiculous $53.4 million each.

The whopping $160 million prize pot was drawn on Thursday, with the three winners being from Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Its thought up to ten million Australians had bought tickets in the hopes of cashing in the prize money.

The winning numbers for Powerball draw 1380: 2, 4, 7, 10, 12, 18, 34 and the Powerball is 7.

The $160 million prize pot is the biggest lottery draw in Australia’s history. Image: @TheLott

According to The Daily Mail, one of the winners exclaimed, “I’m done with work. I’m out of here mate.”

The winner, a blue-collar worker from Clyde in Melbourne went on to say, “Oh my god, oh my god. I can’t believe this… holy s**t, holy s**t. Far out. I’m absolutely speechless.”

“I can’t wait to tell my family.”

“My family is set. My grandson wanted a dog for Christmas, and I was trying to organise it for him. He can have all the dogs in the world now.”

He hilariously finished by saying, “I’m done with work. I’m out of here, mate. Retirement is calling.” Though some people take issue with Australians’ famously chill attitude to life, bemoaning the fact that we are one of the richest and least innovative nations in the world, I think we would all be thinking the same if we became a multi-millionaire overnight.

One of the other winners from West Sydney did not know they had won initially, only stepping forward to officials on Friday.

The man, a father from Penrith, almost missed out on buying a ticket altogether.

“I had to rush out and grab one yesterday before the draw closed,” he said.

The peak of sales during the draw was at 6.12pm on Thursday, when more than 6900 entries were bought in just a single minute.

42 entries also picked up wins in division two, with the lucky winners getting $77,000 each.

An extra $60 million was added to the Powerball’s $100 million after five consecutive weeks of no winners.

Prior to this, the biggest lottery prize was $150 million, shared by three individuals in 2019.

The most won by a single person in Powerball was $107 million, won by a Sydney nurse that same year.

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