Life Skills Women Expect Men To Know

What Women Want

Let’s get this point out of the way first. I’m no female. Although when you work in an office of females, you tend to pick up on all the specific traits that they most desire from an ideal partner. You often also hear how much these traits lack in the general pool of so-called alpha fish.

So given that you’ve already learnt how to get your own s*** together, we’ve compiled a list of skills that every man should possess in order to make them the appealing magnificent bastard they’re meant to be. Listen up.

#1 Making Sound Decisions


A lot of women are frustrated by men who don’t take charge or show initiative in their own pursuits. Want to take her out on a date? Be a man and ask. Don’t know where to take them for drinks or dinner? Your old mate Google absolutely does. These are all basic problem solving skills that men need to practice in the 21st century and should not rely upon women for. It’s astounding the stories of male laziness we’ve heard including things like giving a note to a mate to give to a girl he finds attractive as a means of asking her out. What are you? Twelve? Be the leading man and good things will come.

#2 Cooking Actual Food


If you’re living out on your own, you need to know how to cook. Heck, if you’re living at home you should still know how to cook. We’re not talking Master Chef pedigree here, just the basics that’ll help you stay alive and keep your dinner guest confident that you can provide the essentials on a longterm basis. This unfortunately rules out instant noodles, take-out food and protein bars. What’s in are things like simple pastas, healthy meals, grilled meats and salads. No doubt you’ll get bonus points for knowing how to make a mean dessert too.

#3 Holding A Decent Conversation


Communication is the basis of all things that bind us together. This is no different when talking to women. Learn to eradicate awkward silences and break things up with wit, charm and a smile. It’ll make you appear much more confident and leave women more intrigued and at ease in social situations. Another crucial skill to learn is to also gauge when your waffling is beginning to bore her. A lengthy spiel about the English Premier League might mean the universe to you, but it could also mean no second date too. Pay attention to her body language – nodding and not contributing to the conversation is usually the easiest sign to change the subject.

#4 Fixing Basic Things


Changing a car battery, changing light globes, changing a car tyre, painting a wall…come on guys these are all basic skills men need to be born with. Prove your domestic worth and you can easily become a leading man. Enough said.

#5 Opening A Bottle Without A Bottle Opener


Men are bound to face a dire social situation in life where there is no bottle opener in the house but many thirsty patrons looking for a mode of relief. Impress the crowds (and the ladies) with a simple bottle opening trick that requires just a spoon as your apparatus. Wedge it under a tooth, use the mid-section of your thumb as leverage and then hey presto, you have free flowing beer and a many impressed females.

#6 Saving Money


Saving money and budgeting can go both ways. Too much and you’re a tightass. Too little and you’re deemed irresponsible and unsuitable as a life partner. Park yourself somewhere in the middle. Women love men who know how to save their money for important things like a rainy day or special occasions that involve the both of you. Investing in the future is also a skill that women look kindly upon as it fosters a sense of independence and security. So remember, splurge within your means unless you want to end up a homeless 40-year old.

#7 Changing A Tyre


You don’t need to be a petrol head to know this skill as it’s as much a life saving one as it is a maintenance one. Learn this life-changing skill in order to avoid stranding your beloved in the middle of nowhere. Serial killers. Serial killers everywhere.

#8 Cleaning & Hygiene


One of the things that women despise in men is uncleanliness. Besides being an instant turn off, it also does nothing for your chances for scoring or raising your profile beyond the high school student. Keep your quarters clean and women will respect you for it. Heck they might even invite themselves over as a sign of gratitude.